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Christmas Money Saving Tips to Help You Stop Overspending

Christmas Money Saving Tips to Help You Stop Overspending

Christmas and the holidays can be an expensive time and we’re encouraged from every angle to buy more and do more to make our Christmas memorable. In this article we look at some simple Christmas money saving tips to help you stop overspending.


Here are some simple money saving tips to help you create a wonderful Christmas filled with magic and meaning, hopefully without spending more than you can afford.

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Keep your Christmas traditions simple

No need to go overboard and do everything. Choose which Christmas traditions you’d like to follow and focus on making these special. There are plenty of traditions that cost little, if anything but you can remember for years to come.

Buy Christmas presents throughout the year

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. Spread the cost throughout the year.

Take advantage of sales

If you see something in the sales and it’s on discount but you think it might make a great Christmas gift for somone, snap it up and store it away until Christmas.

Christmas money saving tips

Take advantage of January discounts

Cards, gift wrap and Christmas decorations are often on discount right after Christmas is over so it’s a good time to be stocking up for the next holiday season.

Use coupons and vouchers

Instead of paying outright, keep any coupons and vouchers that you build up during the year and use these to pay for Christmas presents.

Points from store cards

As above, use store card points e.g. from supermarkets to pay for your Christmas food and treats.

Spread the cost of Christmas food

If you can buy non-perishable or food that’s suitable for the freezer in advance of the Christmas season then you can spread your food bill too.

Have a Christmas budget

Create a budget for how much you can afford to spend this year on Christmas. Allocate funds to food, drink, presents, decorations etc and keep to it as much as possible.

Avoid using credit cards

Where possible, avoid paying for Christmas on credit to avoid hefty repayments come the New Year. Unfortunately, so many of us increasingly rely on credit cards due to the cost of living so if you can’t avoid using your credit card totally, spend wisely and make sure you have an affordable plan for paying off your debt afterwards.

Pay for Christmas with cash

Avoid using cards at all by purchasing Christmas gifts and food with cash only. Allocate a certain amount to each item/person and only spend what cash you have.

Give simpler presents

Don’t feel you have to give big, expensive gifts. Chat with your family and friends and ask if they’d be happy to give and receive simpler presents this year.

Give your presence not your presents

You can gift your time, energy, skills and love in other ways than physical gifts. Think about offering to do the housework, walk the dog, cook dinner. Can you offer your skills instead of buying gifts? Here are some other tips to help us all prioritise connection over consumption.

Choose simple Christmas decorations

Just because the shops are full of Christmas stuff from September onwards, doesn’t mean that you need to fill your home in the same way. Choose a few meaningful Christmas decorations that bring festive fun and sparkle to your home instead of going overboard if you can’t afford it. Here are some tips on decluttering Christmas decorations.

Christmas money saving tips

Look at last delivery dates

Don’t leave it until the last minute to order food or gifts. Not only do you risk not being able to get what you need because it’s out of stock but you might have to pay expensive delivery costs so it doesn’t arrive late for Christmas.

Shop in person not online

It’s easy to press the ‘buy now’ button and end up spending too much online. The physical act of travelling to, choosing, paying for and carrying your shopping gives you time and space to think about what you’re buying and how much it’s costing.

Make a list of presents you’re going to buy

Keep a list handy with everybody’s names down the left hand side who you need to buy a gift for. When you know what you’re going to buy that person or you’ve bought something for them, write it down against their name. This avoids buying duplicate presents or missing someone out altogether.

Be organised

Being organised and planning what you’re going to buy, cook and need in the home at Christmas will help save you money. You’re less likely to need to do last-minute shopping with expensive delivery costs or have to pay more because you didn’t have time to find a cheaper but quality alternative. Here are 30 things to organise and plan for Christmas.

Write a wish list

Choose what you’d like for Christmas and give this to family and friends who want to buy you a gift. It will help them know what to buy you and they won’t waste money buying something you won’t use or want.

Ask friends and family for a wish list

For the same reason as you writing your wish list, it might be helpful to ask people what they’d like for Christmas too.

Meal plan for the Christmas week

Choose your menus for parties and gatherings over the festive period, including any snacks and drinks you might need. Use this meal plan to create a shopping list to take with you when shopping. It will help you know what you need to buy and avoid buying food you don’t really need.

Ask family and friends to contribute to the meal

Spread the cost of the meal and ask your guests to bring a plate of food or a bottle of drink.

Use up leftovers

There’s usually a fair amount of food left over so plan some recipes in advance where you could use these leftovers. Make sure you have any other ingredients you’ll need to make up these recipes.

Declutter your food cupboards

Before you start shopping for Christmas food, check what food you already have, including expiry dates. This way you won’t accidentally buy duplicates that you don’t need.

Don’t shop hungry

Avoid going food shopping when you’re hungry as, if you’re like my husband, you’ll be tempted to buy all sorts of foods that you might not really need!

Beware of Christmas deals

Supermarkets particularly love to entice us to buy things we don’t really need with some amazing Christmas deals. Just because it’s on offer doesn’t mean you need to buy it.

Don’t go shopping with children

It’s difficult for us adults to avoid the temptations of the shelves and even more difficult when we have little kids to say no to. Shop alone if you can!

Christmas money saving tips


I’d love to hear your ideas for Christmas money-saving tips. Do you have any ideas to share that might help others? Please leave a comment below!


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I’ve created a free Simple Christmas Planner to help you plan and prepare for Christmas. It will help you do many of the suggestions we’ve mentioned in this article.

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