30 Things to Organise and Plan for Christmas

30 things to organise and plan for Christmas

Amongst other things, Christmas is a time of fun, magic and festive chaos for the whole family. For so many of us though, unfortunately, it’s also a time of stress, an extra-long list of things to do, remember and clear up and a never-ending battle against clutter. I love Christmas and to help you love it too, here’s a quick list of 30 things to organise and plan for Christmas so you can experience the magic of Christmas along with your kids!


I love Christmas but I love it most when it’s organised, planned and simple. It’s lovely to enjoy the time with my family and friends and spend the festive season in a way that means the most to me. 

To help you enjoy your Christmas, I’ve put together a quick list of 30 things to organise and plan for Christmas. None of them are in great detail but they’re enough to get you thinking about what you need to do and when, so you’re organised and ready for anything…

Then you can enjoy the magic of Christmas alongside your kids!

30 things to plan and organise for Christmas

#1 Write your Christmas cards and post them before the Christmas postal deadline.

#2 Encourage the kids to make their own Christmas cards to send to family and friends.

#3 Help the kids write letters to Father Christmas saying how good (or naughty) they’ve been all year!

#4 Come up with a Christmas wish-list of gifts you and the kids would like to receive. It will make it easier for those who want to buy gifts and to avoid receiving things you don’t really want!

#5 Decide on a budget for how much money you’re going to spend on presents and stick to it!

#6 Create a budget for how much money you’re going to spend on food and drink and stick to it!

#7 Decide how many presents you’re going to give to each child and what combination. Will it be one big one and a few smaller ones or lots of little ones?

#8 Do a meal plan for all the meals you’ll need to cook including snacks and any party food.

#9 Order as much food online as you can. Bear in mind home delivery slots are often fully booked in the week before Christmas.

#10 Make a list of any fresh food you’re going to need to buy from the shops if you can’t organise an online delivery near enough to Christmas before the food goes bad.

#11 Make a plan for preparing the Christmas meal (and any other big meals or parties you’re hosting). This way you’ll know you have all the ingredients, can manage the timings and prepare as much in advance

#12 Prepare as much as you can when cooking for big meals. Make what you can in advance and pop it in the freezer if needed.

#13 Order as many presents as possible online. Make sure you order in time for deliveries to arrive before the Christmas delivery deadline.

#14 Ensure you have sufficient gift wrap, tape and tags.

#15 Wrap everything in good time and don’t leave it until the last minute!

#16 Check the Christmas tree lights work before you put them on the tree.

#17 Sort through your Christmas decorations, throw out the ones that are damaged and decide which ones you are putting up and where.

#18 Put up the Christmas decorations. Let the kids know when you’re planning on taking them down so they don’t get disappointed (like mine do!).

#19 Get the house ready for Christmas. Give it a good clean and declutter any excess stuff (ready for the next influx!).

#20 Keep on top of your usual household routines such as laundry, dishes, hoovering etc even if you only do a little bit every day. After all, people are here to see you, not your home!

#21 Have a stash of emergency Christmas presents. Handy in case you forget someone or you receive an unexpected gift and need something to return the favour with.

#22 Decide which Christmas traditions you’re going to focus on and what you need to do for them.

#23 Think how you’re going to spend Christmas Eve and buy anything you need.

#24 Plan how you’re going to spend New Year’s Eve and buy anything you need.

#25 Use recyclable paper plates and cups for parties to cut down on washing up and that’s eco-friendly too.

#26 Make sure you’ve got clean bedding and towels for any guests that might be staying over.

#27 Get super-organised. Put all these things to do and important dates on a calendar so you can see what you need to do and when.

#28 Plan Christmas arts and crafts for kids to keep them busy and build on the festive fun! There’s loads of inspiration on the internet and particularly on Pinterest.

#29 Keep a list of Christmas presents you received so you and the kids can write thank you letters.

#30 Declutter your home so you have more space and less to clear and tidy.