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Do you struggle when it comes to deciding what to feed your family for dinner and then having to cook it?

When you’ve been busy all day long and have already made a million decisions, one of the last things you probably feel like doing is deciding what to eat, only then to find that you haven’t got what you need in the cupboards and fridge.

Meal times are meant to be a fun family time. Meal planning can make sure stress doesn’t take away your appetite!

Check out this post for more information on meal-planning and meal prep!

Here are just a few of the benefits of meal planning…
  • Less waste – how many times have you bought ingredients because you thought you were going to use them, only to find that they’ve gone out of date because you forgot about them or ended up cooking something else? By planning your meals for the week and only buying what you need for these meals then you can reduce the amount of food that you waste each week.
  • Less expensive – for the same reason above, all that food you wasted can equate to quite a lot of money thrown into the bin if you’re not eating some of the stuff that you buy. Also, ready meals and shop-prepared vegetables etc can be much more expensive than buying the raw ingredients you need to cook and prepare a meal from scratch.
  • Less stress and decision-making – when it comes to dinner time, do you often find yourself peering into the fridge or freezer to see what’s in there and hoping for inspiration? It’s just yet another decision you need to make (on top of the 1000 you’ve already made that day) at a time when you’re probably tired and hungry yourself. As a result, you may run the risk of going with the easy option (often a ready meal or unhealthy processed food) or reaching for the take away menu.
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