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7 Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

7 Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Do you spend Sunday dreading the coming week? If the thought of heading into Monday spoils your Sunday then it’s time to re-think. Here are 7 ways to beat the Sunday Scaries, enjoy your Sunday and look forward to the week.


Have you ever spent Sunday dreading the coming week? Maybe you hated school, didn’t feel fulfilled at work or just wanted a way out of the treadmill that is your mundane, daily routine.

If the answer was yes, I feel your pain! I spent many Sundays wasting my precious day off, feeling anxious about the pressures of the coming week and… burying my head in the sand so that I wasn’t prepared in body and mind for what Monday had in store.

I was living for the weekends and trying to race through the week to get it out of the way. What a waste of my time and my life!

Sunday Scaries is the term used to define that ‘Sunday feeling’. You’re on the downward slope of the weekend and heading into the start of the week, whether you feel like it or not.

This can totally spoil our enjoyment of Sunday, a precious day of the week which, I think, is meant for a mix of relaxation (from the week before) and preparation (for the week ahead).


Here are 7 ways to beat the Sunday Scaries, tips to help you enjoy Sunday and look forward to the week.

1. Know you’re not alone

This is important. Many of us are thinking about Monday on Sunday morning. The pressures of our To Do lists, meetings with the boss, deadlines, busy schedules, juggling kids and work are felt by many. It’s not just you or me.

Many of us feel like that, either long-term or just through a busy season of life, but knowing it’s a common sentiment and we’re not different or doing things wrong for feeling like this is important. Know you’re not alone.

Action point: Ask a friend how they feel about Sundays. Share your thoughts and see what response they offer. Is it helpful solutions, or just to say they feel the same?

2. Understand the root cause

Do you know exactly how you feel and why? What is it you’re anxious about? Why does it feel so difficult to head into Monday? Without understanding the real reasons behind how you’re feeling and what’s causing it, you’re unlikely to come up with any tangible solutions. You need to know what the problem is before you can solve it.

  • Are you worried you won’t meet your boss’s expectations?
  • Are you going to miss a deadline?
  • Do you have too much to do and it’s stressing you out?
  • Are you unhappy?
  • Are you on the wrong career path?

Action point: Grab your notebook and write down your thoughts about Monday. Are you looking forward to it, are you nervous or depressed about it? Ask yourself ‘Why?’ Keep asking yourself why until you’ve got to the heart of the problem.

3. Create a Sunday routine

Creating a routine for your Sundays can help you focus on what needs to be done today instead of what you’ve got to do tomorrow. Try getting stuff done so productivity on Sunday overcomes anxiety about Monday.

Action point: Read this post on 7 things you should do on Sunday for a productive week ahead. Let’s create a Sunday routine that helps you plan and prepare for the coming week. Start the week ahead of the game instead of chasing your tail.

4. Define your priorities for the week ahead

Monday may be looming but there is so much more to the week than that. Have a game-plan for what you want to get done and take control of your week instead of your week controlling you.

You may have work to do, a home to run and a family to manage, but what are YOUR priorities?

What will make you feel happy, fulfilled and content with your week?

There might be things you have to do, but how WELL you do them and what you do with the spare time you have, is largely up to you. Make this a good week by getting clear on what you want from it!

Try these 30 journal prompts to start the week with intention and clarity to help get you started!

Action point: Write down everything you want to get done this week. Pick 3-5 things from that list and make these a priority for this week. No excuses. Get them done and give yourself a little reward for getting them done.

5. Do something you enjoy

Sunday may be a difficult day if you’re worried about the week ahead, so it’s important to do something you want to do. Switch the pace, distract your body and mind and do something you don’t normally get to do the rest of the week.

Action point: Make a list of things you enjoy and put it somewhere you’ll see it often. Choose one thing and do it today!

6. Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Sunday Scaries might be a real thing but they can feel less scary if you have a healthy work-life balance. Most of us need to work to pay the bills but personal time is also important.

After a day at work, coming back to a comfy, inviting home, helps take the stress out of the day and give us time and freedom to enjoy other things. Feeling fulfilled at work is important, but so is feeling fulfilled in our personal lives. It’s a balance, but it takes work.

Action step: Aim to switch off when you’re not in work, mentally and digitally. Don’t check your phone or emails, find a hobby that you’re excited about, plan a meal or games night with your family, honour your boundaries and get a good night’s sleep.

7. Make things easier on yourself

Know that we all have down days or find some things difficult. Be kind to yourself and don’t expect or push yourself too much. If you feel worried, know that that’s ok. Emotions are good because they’re signals that we need to do something.

  • Don’t plan a packed day of activities if your anxiety levels are high and you actually crave calm instead.
  • If you feel that getting on top of the housework and your finances would give you peace of mind, do that.
  • If planning your diary and to do list would help you, instead of feeding 12 of your family for dinner, then do that.

There are no rights or wrongs but perhaps things we could learn from for the future.

Action point: Write down 3-5 things that would make life easier for you on a Sunday. Try one or two this Sunday and see what difference it makes. Try it again next Sunday. Sometimes habits need a little time to take effect.

7 ways to beat the Sunday Scaries


How you choose to spend your Sunday and the routine you follow is up to you. I hope the ideas I’ve shared in this article give you some food for thought! Don’t be afraid to try different things to see what works for you.

What does your Sunday routine include? Leave a comment below to share your ideas!


Here are some resources to help you manage your time and look after yourself, the simple and intentional way.


If you have a case of the Sunday Scaries, this download might help. It’s a way to help you be organised and productive for the coming week which, in turn, I hope helps you feel easier about the week ahead.

Sometimes the Sunday Scaries is a case of mis-placed priorities or overwhelm. This worksheet might help you tackle these.

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