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16 Spring Wardrobe Tips to Get Your Closet Ready for Spring

16 Spring Wardrobe Tips to Get Your Closet Ready for Spring


In this article we look at some simple ways to get your closet ready for spring. 16 simple spring wardrobe tips that work for you and your life!


I’m a busy person so I don’t have much time or energy to be wondering what to wear each day. I prefer to get dressed, have confidence that I look and feel good and move on with my day.

I know a lot of people love clothes and it’s an enjoyable part of the day deciding how you’re going to show up for your life. Clothes can be an important part of our own personal identity and, of course, most of us want to look and feel good for a better day!

I don’t know about you but, over the years, I’ve learnt that having a simple wardrobe is a real game-changer.

Not only does it make getting ready for the day easy and hassle-free, but I feel good in all of my clothes too. So, no matter what I reach to pull off the hangers or from the drawers first thing in the morning, I know it will fit, feel comfortable and that I’ll actually enjoy wearing it.

Thanks to some regular clothes decluttering I have a simplified, capsule wardrobe that really works for me. And, I’m not alone with this in seeing the benefits of a capsule wardrobe, many successful and famous people have also chosen to simplify their wardrobes and wear the same style for the same reasons – reducing stress, wasted time, cutting down on decision fatigue and helping the environment too.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating a simplified wardrobe, you might enjoy these capsule wardrobe tips to help you build your own capsule wardrobe and this article on how to stop buying clothes you don’t need or wear.


My simpler wardrobe is really easy to maintain but sometimes it’s worth having a sort through. There may be clothes that no longer fit my body or suit my style. Maybe they’ve become worn out or that I just don’t enjoy wearing anymore.

We change, life changes and our clothes style and needs will inevitably change too! I have some old favourites that have seen me through years and years of wear but other items I bought last season and just don’t seem right for me anymore.

So, I use the start of each season to assess my wardrobe and donate, recycle or pass on anything that I don’t want to keep. Somebody else can enjoy them far more than me just keeping them in my wardrobe. Thinking about my unwanted stuff in this way also helps reduce the feelings of regret, guilt or wasted money.

You might like this article where I share some ideas about how to do a seasonal clothes declutter (and why) if you feel that might be helpful to you.

Spring is a good time to declutter for many reasons. So, in today’s article, I wanted to share some thoughts on how to get your closet ready for spring.

I’m in the UK, so spring for me is the time to (eventually) come out of those warm winter coats and sweaters and look forward to rising temperatures.

That being said, spring can still be pretty chilly, so keep that in mind as you sort through your spring wardrobe!

Spring wardrobe tips


Here are some tips on how to create a simple spring wardrobe and get your closet ready for spring!

1. Clear out your closet

It’s always helpful to start with an empty space so you can see exactly what space you have to work with. Take everything out, whilst it’s empty give your closet a clean and wipe down.

Remove anything from your wardrobe that’s not clothes or clothing-related items and find another home to store these items. As tempting as it might be, your wardrobe is not a general storage space, unless you’re very, very restricted with storage space!

2. Remove out-of-season clothes

Taking out any clothes that you won’t be wearing in the coming season or two will give you more space and less clothes to wade through each morning.

Bear in mind that there may be a period of transition from colder to warmer weather and vice versa so you might need to keep some warmer layers handy still.

Put out-of-season clothes to the back of your wardrobe or in a box under your bed, for example, so they’re out of your way.

3. Bring this season’s clothes out of storage

Bring out your warmer weather clothes from storage. They may need a quick freshen up or iron to get rid of creases. Spring is often a season that sees many of us wear more skirts and dresses. These often need a little more TLC after being stored away for a few months.

4. What clothes can transition from winter to spring?

Think about which clothes from your autumn/winter wardrobe might be useful as you transition from the cold of winter into the warmer spring months.

Keep hold of these and put them back in your wardrobe. Hang what you can and won’t be damaged from the hanging. Fold whatever is best stored flat.

5. Putting your clothes back

Put the clothes you’re keeping for this spring back in the wardrobe. As you do, be mindful of each piece. When did you last wear it? How did you feel when you wore it?

If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions, try it on again and wear it for a day. How do you feel now?

Here’s a gentle reminder that the whole point of a simplified capsule wardrobe is that every item in there is a piece that truly deserves to be there. It’s useful, you love wearing it and you do actually wear it!

6. Dispose of clothes that you don’t want to keep

Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, you don’t love anymore and which you don’t wear. Donate, recycle or sell them according to your preferences.

7. Keep a donation box handy

Put a box at the bottom of your wardrobe. As you wear your clothes through spring, if you don’t like the feel or look of something, drop it quickly and easily into the donation box which you can deal with every now and then. Don’t just hang the item back up as it will take up space even if you never wear it again!

8. Sentimental clothing

I know many of us are tempted to keep clothes in our wardrobes because they have sentimental value. We may not even wear them very often or at all.

I understand why we do this, myself included in the past. Clothes are highly personal and their touch and smell often remind us of people, places and occasions.

Decluttering sentimental items is an emotive topic but, if at all possible, I’d encourage you not to keep sentimental clothing items that you don’t wear in your wardrobe (or too many of them anyway!).

For more tips on this, you might find this article helpful on decluttering sentimental items, or how I use a memory box to declutter without guilt or anxiety.

Again, a gentle reminder, that a simple wardrobe is for clothes you wear regularly, not as storage space!

Spring wardrobe tips

9. Organise your clothes

With the clothes you’re keeping, maybe you’d like to organise them in some way. I like to group my clothes by category – jeans, trousers, T-shirts, blouses, jackets, dresses and so on.

Within those categories, I arrange them by colour. Not only does this make it easy to find things but it looks great when I open my wardrobe doors!

You can learn more about how I’ve created my own capsule wardrobe in this article on 12 easy capsule wardrobe tips.

10. Layering

An important feature that I look for in my own spring wardrobe is that clothes should be able to layer easily. I like thin layers that I can use to keep me warm when spring isn’t quite as warm as I’d like.

For example, I have a lightweight jacket that I like to wear but I can add a top and thin sweater underneath to keep me warm. Once the sun gets going then I can remove an underlayer or two.

Mornings are often cooler and the temperature warms up as the day progresses. Layering is another way to adapt your wardrobe to suit these daily temperature changes.

The secret to successful layering is to keep the colours complementary and start the bottom layer with something fitted so you’re finished outfit isn’t too bulky.

11. Seek colour inspiration from spring nature

One way to reflect the current season in your clothes is to think about the colours of nature. Spring is a time for small pops of colour emerging from the more sombre winter just as we see the first flowers coming into bloom to brighten up our gardens.

Accessories are a great way of ringing the changes in your wardrobe, often without breaking the bank if you’re on a budget. Spring could be the time for pastels and bright colours if that appeals, alongside the old staple neutrals of black, grey, navy and khaki that many of us rely on.

For example, depending on your colour preferences, if a bright yellow coat isn’t for you, maybe you could accessorise with a yellow belt, bag or scarf.

Also, don’t forget that colour comes in many, many shades, tones and hues. Yellow isn’t just bright canary yellow. If you want to introduce colour but are scared of bright, bold colours, maybe you could find a more muted variation in that colour palette as a gentle nod to colour.

12. Add to your shopping list or wish list

As you’re planning and organising your spring wardrobe, think about any gaps. Do you have enough bottoms, t-shirts, a light-weight mac or anything else that might be useful but you don’t have already?

We often shop for clothes we don’t need or wear because we haven’t made a note of what we already have (or it’s buried under a pile of clothes at the back of our wardrobes!). Spring is a good time to assess your clothes and work out what, if anything, you might need to buy or replace.

13. Choosing spring fabrics

When our cold winter is gone so too are my thick jumpers and heavy padded coats. I tend to opt for more natural, floaty and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen. I don’t feel comfortable wearing polyester, for example, as it makes me hot, sweaty and bothered!

14. Underwear, footwear and outerwear

Don’t forget about other categories of clothing that you might need to switch over for spring. Mid-temperature outerwear instead of big, heavy coats, everyday undies instead of full-length thermals, swimwear and perhaps dusting off those sandals and keeping up with your pedicures!

15. Assess your spring wardrobe at the end of the season

At the end of spring, when it becomes time to review your seasonal wardrobe again, make a note of which clothes from your spring wardrobe you never got around to actually wearing.

Was it because you didn’t like them, always passed them over in favour of something else, had multiples of the same item, or just didn’t get the opportunity to wear them?

Is there anything you can put in storage? Do you need to pull anything out from storage to transition you into the warmer months of summer?

If there were pieces that you didn’t wear this spring, why not? If you didn’t wear them because didn’t like them or feel comfortable wearing them, could this be a sign that it’s time to let them go? Maybe somebody else could use them more than you?

16. Use my Simplify Your Wardrobe workbook!

To help you create your own capsule wardrobe based on your personal style and individual lifestyle, I’ve created a workbook to help you brainstorm and build your own simple capsule wardrobe. You can use it throughout the year and/or at the start of each season to make sure your clothes are working for you in the best way possible and even get your own closet ready for spring!

Click here to learn more about Simplify Your Wardrobe.

Spring wardrobe tips


I hope you enjoyed this article on how to get your wardrobe ready for spring. Spring and the months of March, April and May, for me, is a time of change, possibility and freshness.

A spring wardrobe could echo this with lighter fabrics, plenty of layering, little accents of colour, even some sunglasses and a new colour palette for your makeup or fragrance for your scent. It’s a new season so why not try some new ideas for your spring closet!

Do you have any thoughts or ideas to add? I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below!


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