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Declutter Your Home in 30 Days: 30 Day Declutter Challenge

Declutter Your Home in 30 Days: 30 Day Declutter Challenge

If decluttering your home sounds too overwhelming or time-consuming, try out my free 30 Day Declutter Challenge. Break it down into manageable chunks by decluttering just one room, area or type of item each day for 30 days. Keep reading to join the 30 Day Declutter Challenge for a more clutter-free home in just 30 days!


Are you tired of a cluttered home and want to free up your space, time and energy for other things? If so, welcome and you’re in the right place!

The aim of this 30 Day Declutter Challenge is to help you start decluttering with some easy, fun and simple decluttering projects.

Decluttering can feel difficult or off-putting for many reasons. Even helpful checklists can feel overwhelming!

You can either follow the steps and daily challenges in this article, or if you’d prefer some more guidance and support, why not join the email version of this challenge?

Keep reading to learn more…


I’ve created an email version of this 30 Day Declutter Challenge with the same bite-sized challenges in this article but this time dropped into your inbox, one challenge every day, so decluttering feels easy and manageable.

Day-by-day you’ll be able to tick a few things off your list so your home and heart will feel a little lighter because of it! And hopefully, by the end of this challenge, you’ll have overcome the biggest hurdle of all – getting started.

Included in the 30 Day Declutter Challenge by email:

  • Daily emails: Every day for 30 days you’ll receive an email from me directly into your inbox.
  • Simple action steps: Each daily email will have a simple project or action point for you to do that day.
  • Quick to complete: The daily challenges are hopefully fun, easy and quick enough to be completed in 10 minutes or less.
  • Links and resources: I’ll also include some helpful tips and links to further reading which you may find helpful.
  • Keep in touch: You can reply to the emails if you’d like to ask me a question or let me know how you’re getting on.
  • Free challenge printables: You’ll also receive 2 free printables. One at the start of the challenge to track your progress and another at the end of the challenge which you can use to revisit any of the projects and days whenever you like.


Here are just a few things to make a note of before you get started…

  • If you get stuck – If you get stuck on a particular day, then skip it for now and come back to it another time. Some items, areas or rooms are more difficult to declutter than others. It can take practice and the right frame of mind to declutter them.
  • Getting rid of unwanted items – Don’t get caught up on what to do with your unwanted items. Decide on whether they’re good enough to donate and recycle or throw away the rest.
  • Unsure whether to keep or not? – If you don’t know whether to keep an item, keep it simple and ask yourself 3 questions. Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I want it?
  • Lack of progress – If your decluttering doesn’t seem to be making much progress or you’ve got a lot of stuff, then do the challenge this month and do it AGAIN next month. Sometimes decluttering is best done in waves. The first time around you usually get rid of the obvious clutter. The second time around there’s generally less stuff. You’ll be able to spot some smaller items or things that you’d overlooked or couldn’t decide on the first time around. Keep going in waves until you’re happy there’s no excess clutter lurking.
  • Maintaining a clutter-free home – Clutter builds up in every household. So, once you’ve completed the challenge, don’t sit back and think you’re done forever. You’ll have to keep an eye out for clutter coming into your home and have a plan for how you’re going to deal with it!


This is a decluttering challenge and primarily it’s designed to give you tips on how to declutter your home in 30 days by breaking a big project down into manageable daily steps.

However, clutter invades more than just our physical space!

Clutter can build up in our schedules, our minds and hearts so a few of the days will also involve us decluttering things that aren’t actual  physical ‘things.’

I hope these days will give you a sneak peak into what simplifying your life more generally could do for you, as well as your home!

So, with those points in mind, let’s get started…

30 Day Declutter Challenge

Over the next 30 days, just take one day and one project at a time.

DAY 1: Grab a box

Grab a box, bag or some sort of container and put it by your front door, in the hall way or kitchen, or somewhere you’ll notice it often. Find something you don’t want to keep and put it in that box. Set a reminder on your phone to take that box to the charity shop, recycling centre or rubbish dump. Try to put something in that box once a day for the next 30 days.

DAY 2: Make your bed

When you get up in the morning, make your bed. A tidy bed gets your mind ready for the day ahead and is lovely to come back to at the end of the day.

DAY 3: Fill a bin bag with clothes

Go through your clothes and take out any that you know are damaged, don’t fit or you don’t ever wear. Recycle what isn’t good enough to donate. Here are some tips on decluttering your wardrobe if you want some more help with this.

DAY 4: The kitchen

Go through your kitchen and find five items that you no longer need. Pop them in the donation box you created in Day 1 or throw them away.

DAY 5: Your living room

Look at your living room. Is it full of stuff that doesn’t belong in the room but has ended up there because it’s where your family spend a lot of time? Do you need a basket or toy box which can stay in the room? The toys can be thrown in there at the end of the day without having to spend time collecting them all up and taking them to your child’s bedroom each evening. Are the table tops cluttered with stuff, drawers overflowing? Sort through them!

DAY 6: The bathroom

Head into the bathroom and get rid of empty bottles, toiletries and bath products you won’t use. The bathroom is a great place to start decluttering if you’re new to it.

DAY 7: Your books

Work out what storage space you have available in your home for books. Only keep enough books that will fit in this space. Give away any excess books (unless you really feel you need to buy more storage because you’re a bookworm and love books). Donate or throw away books that you no longer want, that are in bad shape or you have multiple copies of.

DAY 8: Your cookbooks

Do you use them or are they there to just look pretty or for the occasional reference? Think how and when you use each cookbook and try to only keep the ones you turn to regularly.

DAY 9: Flat surfaces

Set a timer for 10 minutes and see how many table tops, shelves or worksurfaces you can clear. We’ll look at the kitchen worktop on another day so perhaps think about your desk, or a shelf with ornaments, or even the stairs! Keeping the surfaces clear makes the whole home feel and look clearer!

DAY 10: Your emails

Go through your emails, set up folders for different areas (school/personal etc), delete the ones you don’t want or need and archive the rest. As new emails come in, make sure you deal with them there and then and don’t let them build up.

DAY 11: Paperwork

Have you got a pile of paperwork sitting on a table in your entrance way, on your kitchen counter or desk? Take a few minutes to sort through it now. Action, recycle, throw or file as appropriate. Set a reminder for yourself to do this regularly (perhaps each day or once a week!). 

DAY 12: Your computer desktop

Remove unwanted icons, empty the recycle bin, put on a personalised background picture. A clutter-free computer will help you be more organised, productive and efficient!

DAY 13: Odds and ends

This is a day for clearing the odds and ends. Scout around your home for random stuff that you don’t need. Some ideas could be: mismatched socks, excess hangers in your closet or plastic bags, instruction manuals for things you no longer own, books or DVDs you won’t read/watch again, junk mail, the recycling… See what you can find! 

DAY 14: Shoes

Throw out old, worn out shoes that don’t fit, are uncomfortable, you never wear or are beyond repair. Find proper storage for the ones you want to keep and mend any that need repairing so you can actually wear them.

30 Day Declutter Challenge

DAY 15: A calendar appointment

Cancel or postpone an activity or appointment in the coming month that you don’t want to do. How can you use that extra time for something you DO want to do?

DAY 16: Update your contacts and addresses

Take a few minutes to go through your contacts and addresses. Are they all up-to-date and current or have people moved and/or changed numbers? Check your emergency contacts are valid in case they’re needed in a hurry and make sure they’re accessible and clearly labelled so you can find them easily.

DAY 17: One thing that weighs you down

Clutter isn’t just what you can visibly see. It could be too many things on your To Do list, too many worries in your head, too many activities in your diary or even an unhealthy habit. Take a few moments to think what really gets you down and is there anything you can let go of or find a way to remove from your life to ease the stress?

DAY 18: Expired medicines

Today I’d like you to take a look through your medicine box, drawer or cabinet. Can you get rid of anything that’s empty or past the expiry date? Do you have low stocks or have you run out of anything? Put a note on your shopping list to buy more next time you’re shopping. If you have duplicates or extras, make a note of which one you’re going to use up first so you don’t have several bottles or packets open at any one time. Put everything back in an organised and tidy way so you can find it easily next time you need it.

DAY 19: Front of the fridge

Remove magnets, old photos, paperwork. File, save, throw as appropriate and enjoy your lovely clear fridge front!

DAY 20: The kitchen worksurface

Remove all the items, clean it thoroughly and only put back what you absolutely must have there. It’s probably less than you think! Find a new home/donate/throw away everything else. Read more about how to declutter kitchen counters and keep them clutter-free.

DAY 21: Your bedside table

The surface and drawers shouldn’t be a dumping ground for random stuff. Only have what you need for the night and first thing in the morning, for example, a light, an alarm clock/your phone, a book, notepad and pen. Get rid of the rest as it will distract you from a calming bedtime and good night’s sleep. Read more about how to declutter your bedroom for a restful sanctuary from the world.

DAY 22: Outdoor coats and shoes

Go through all of this and, in the case of your kids, make sure all the items still fit. Donate/throw away the rest. Work out which coats, if any, you need out for the particular season you are in and store the rest. For example, you don’t need a lightweight summer mac on your coat rack in mid-winter.

DAY 23: Your makeup

Tip all of your makeup out on the bed. Throw away anything that you haven’t used in, say, the last 3 months. Treat yourself to some new products if your budget allows to replace the old ones you love. If you love nail varnish, keep a set number of bottles and if you come across a new colour you absolutely must have, then adopt a one in/one out policy. Organise all makeup, clean brushes/pencils etc so that they are tidy and neat and you can find what you’re looking for at the drop of a hat. 

DAY 24: A drawer of your choice

Pick any drawer around the house and empty it completely. Sort into piles and throw away/donate anything that you don’t want to keep. Ask yourself whether you’re likely to ever use that item. Chances are that if you haven’t used it in the last 6-12 months then you’d probably forgotten it was there anyway. Only put back what should be kept in that drawer. Make sure it’s neat, organised and re-home what’s left over.

DAY 25: Your phone

Get rid of apps you don’t use. Re-organise the ones you’re keeping so that the ones you use regularly are on your home screen. Put on a background picture that makes you happy. 

DAY 26: Your purse/handbag

Empty the entire contents of your purse/handbag out onto your bed or the floor. Pick out the really important items that you do need to keep in your bag. Make sure they’re all in good condition and do the job you need them to do. For example, if you’re keeping a pen, make sure it works!

DAY 27: Keys

Do you have a place in your home where you keep keys? Take a moment to go through each of the keys. Think carefully about whether you need to keep each one. Do you have a spare back door key, but you actually changed the lock a year ago, so it wouldn’t work anyway? For the random keys think what they might be used for and give your locks a try. If you can’t find a purpose for them, then really think if you need to keep them.

DAY 28: Fridge

Go through your kitchen fridge. Throw away anything that’s stale, you don’t like or is past it’s best. Can you make it more organised or tidy? Make a note of anything you’re running low on.

DAY 29: Your jewellery

Sort through your jewellery, keep the items you love, donate/throw away the rest. Give it all a clean and put it back, neat and organised.

DAY 30: That last cupboard or drawer that you’ve been avoiding!

Go on, you know the one! There’s always one area that we avoid or put off. Do you make excuses by saying you’ve run out of time, or there’s nothing that you want to get rid of in there? Just go and declutter it now!


If you’re ready to join the challenge and start decluttering your home over the next 30 days, pop your details in the box below so I know where to send your emails and printables. Let’s get started!