6 Tips to Help You Start Decluttering

6 tips to help you start decluttering

Decluttering is easy for some but really tough for others. In this post I share some easy ways for you to start decluttering, no matter how much (or how little) time, energy or motivation you have. If you want to declutter but don’t know where to start, let alone how to keep it up, check out this post for 6 tips to help you start decluttering.


Just get rid of the stuff in your home that you never use and don’t want to keep. Simple? Well, not always! The simple truth is that decluttering can be very difficult for some.

  • Maybe you have a lot of stuff, are a hoarder and never throw anything away?
  • Maybe you haven’t moved in many years so were never really forced to box up your stuff and in the process realise exactly how much you’ve accumulated over the years
  • Maybe you’re a sentimental person and the thought of parting with keepsakes, family heirlooms, precious photos, clothes and paintings from your kids is just too much to bear
  • Or, maybe you’ve got a busy family, a busy life and just don’t have time, energy or motivation to spend your precious free time rooting through your stuff.

Don’t worry, I think these scenarios are familiar to many of us to some degree!

In this post I’m sharing 6 tips to help you start decluttering, no matter how much time, energy or motivation you have.

#1 Start in an easy place

The best and easiest place to start is probably the bathroom.

It’s a relatively small space with a finite amount of storage. You tend to know what you use and what you don’t. It’s unlikely that there’ll be any sentimental items for you to spend ages deliberating over. And, there won’t be so many items that you get bogged down and lose motivation.

Don’t decide to declutter the garage or attic because you’ll likely give up before you’ve even started!

#2 Tackle the bit that will make the biggest difference to you

Think about which room, area or type of item you spend most of your time tidying, clearing up and generally looking after.

For busy mums, it’s usually the toys. If you want the best and quickest results that will make the biggest difference to you, then tackle these first. Work out what you want to throw away – toys that are no longer played with, broken or have pieces missing, and keep the ones that are played with all the time.

If you don’t have kids, you might like to think about decluttering your wardrobe and making it easier to find what you’re looking for each morning. Or maybe your kitchen cupboards are crammed full of excess crockery, cutlery and gadgets that you don’t ever use?

#3 Try decluttering somewhere that will make you feel good

I started with decluttering my wardrobe. I was getting more and more fed up with looking like something that the cat had dragged in. I had a wardrobe full of clothes but didn’t wear about 80% of them and I could never find anything to wear each morning. So, I’d end up reaching for the jeans and sweater at the top of the pile, again.

When I decluttered my wardrobe, I got rid of over half my clothes (mostly donated to charity). I kept only the pieces that I loved to wear, felt good in and that fitted me.

Getting dressed in the morning is so much easier, quicker and more fun now. Decluttering my wardrobe came with these great benefits, so it made me want to carry on decluttering other areas, so I could see some more fantastic benefits!

6 tips to help you start decluttering

#4 Declutter in waves

Try decluttering in waves. Do a quick sweep of each room or area to declutter the obvious stuff. Then go back in smaller waves and each time you’ll notice something new in the room that you hadn’t noticed before. Decluttering gets easier with practice so just dive in and get started!

#5 Break it down into manageable chunks

Don’t say to yourself that you’re going to declutter the entire kitchen in one go. That’s likely to take you ages and put you off before you’ve even started.

Instead, try breaking it down into manageable chunks. Using the kitchen as an example, try breaking it up into – cupboards, drawers, worktops, gadgets and appliances. You can tackle this in stages, so it feels easier and less overwhelming.

#6 Declutter little and often

You might find it easier and more convenient to do decluttering little and often rather than dedicating a whole day to it. Doing 10 or 20 minutes consistently, here or there, will get you much better results than doing nothing for a week then catching up all Saturday. Just plan what you’re going to declutter with each spare bit of time. This way you’re organised and know what needs to be done in the time you’ve got available, rather than wasting time deciding when you could actually be decluttering.

6 tips to help you start decluttering

These are just 6 tips to help you start decluttering. Hopefully they’ll give you some ideas on how to get started but it’s keeping it up that’s often the problem!

Decluttering can take a little while and unfortunately, it’s not a case of once it’s done you can forget about it.

Decluttering is an ongoing process as the clutter of our daily lives keeps rolling in – think of school paperwork, letters through the post, PE kits, school bags and more!

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