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How to Declutter Your Bedroom: Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary and Why It Matters

How to Declutter Your Bedroom: Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary and Why It Matters

Your bedroom is usually the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning. Make your bedroom your own special space where you can feel relaxed at night and rejuvenated in the morning. Here are some tips on how to declutter your bedroom, making your bedroom a sanctuary and why it matters.


Out of all the rooms in your home, particularly if you have kids, your bedroom is probably the one and only place that you can really call your own. The rest of your home is likely to be for family, friends and the general busy-ness of daily life.

The bedroom is your own personal space. We all use our bedroom in different ways, not just for sleeping! It could also be where you study, read, watch TV, meditate. It depends on your household set-up and lifestyle.

Whichever way you use your bedroom, it’s helpful to keep it as calm, relaxing and peaceful as possible. It’s the setting for how you start and end your day.

Do what you can to make it YOUR special space and a sanctuary from the busy world (and maybe busy home) around you…


When I have a house full of children, I retreat to my bedroom as it’s my own personal space.

I don’t let my kids play in there, they’re not allowed to jump on my bed, or play ‘the floor is lava’ with my pillows!

My bedroom has my bed, a couple of bedside tables, my wardrobes and a small desk in the corner and a TV (my guilty pleasure is snuggling in bed watching TV with a cup of tea!). I have a couple of pictures on my walls and photographs on the shelf but that’s about it.

It’s not bare but it’s certainly not cluttered and everything I choose to keep around me, means something special to me or I think is beautiful to look at.

The room has everything I need to keep me happy at night or when I’m needing some peace and calm during the day.

There’s nothing I don’t need in my bedroom so nothing to distract my eyes or my mind when I’m wanting to fall asleep at night.

My bedside table has a light, my current book (I try to read every day but sometimes it’s only a page a day!). I have a notebook and pen in case anything comes to mind that I can jot down to remember in the morning.

I use my phone as my clock but I’ve learnt over the years to avoid checking emails or the news right before bedtime. I do this as part of my morning routine when I’m more able to take in the information and do something about it if I need to.

My bedroom is quite clear, pretty but not busy. It’s just how I like it to be for when I’m needing it most.

Making your bedroom a sanctuary and why it matters

Does your bedroom feel like the inviting, calming space you’d like it to be or is it cluttered with stuff that you’re not sure where else to find a home for?

We spend a lot of time, care and energy decluttering the rest of our home but often put the unwanted or random items in our bedroom.

We use the excuse that we’ve run out of time, or we need to ‘think about where to put it’. The main bedroom is usually not seen by anyone else but us, so we think no one will notice if we fill it full of stuff or things we haven’t got around to sorting yet!

I’ve done it too, so you’re not alone! But, I also know that being greeted by piles of laundry to sort or things that need to be tidied up and put away when I have time, isn’t the way I want to end my day and head off to sleep.

As I’ve been on the go during the day, all I usually want to do is just flop into bed and relax!

In actual fact, your bedroom is probably the worst place to dump your clutter. Who wants to be reminded of yet more clutter and things to do when you’re ready to crash at the end of a busy day?

If your bedroom looks like the local recycling centre or dry cleaners, take a moment to think about how you use the room and what you need it to do and be for you.


Obviously, for most people, the bedroom is mostly used at night for sleeping and other stuff!

But, do you use your room for anything else?

  • Maybe you have a desk in there where you work from as it’s the only quiet place in the house?
  • Perhaps you do your yoga workout or meditation in there where it’s a bit more peaceful?
  • Do you enjoy reading in bed so you’d like to have all your books near you?
  • Do you watch TV in bed at night?
  • If it’s just to sleep, then you’ll need your bed and a bedside table or two, and maybe not much more.

Thinking about how you use your bedroom will help you work out what you need to keep in that room.


Many of us already know that clutter raises stress levels and makes our brains busy. This isn’t what we want at the end of the day when it can already be difficult to switch off from our To Do lists.

Here are some tips on how to declutter your bedroom:

1. Clear the flat surfaces 

Remove the obvious clutter from all the flat surfaces – shelves, table tops, the floor and so on. Re-home anything that doesn’t belong in that room, get rid of it or recycle/donate.

2. Deciding what to keep

Put back anything that you want to keep. It really should only be things that you love, need or find useful in some way. Think about some of the points we’ve discussed already about how you use the room and what you need it to look and feel like. This will help you decide what you really need to keep in there!

3. Storage

Work your way through any cupboards, wardrobes, under the bed and drawers. Empty the contents, sort through each and deal with the stuff you don’t want to keep. Put everything back in a tidy, organised way. Just because it’s sitting in a drawer, don’t let the clutter build up out of sight, out of mind!

4. Clothes

Go through your wardrobe, declutter your clothes and make it easier, quicker and more enjoyable to choose what you’re wearing each morning.

5. Clear your nightstand

On your bedside table you should only have what you need for the night and first thing in the morning, for example, a light, an alarm clock/your phone, a book, notepad and pen.

6. Maximise on storage

There are many brilliant storage and organisation options for wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. Use them to make the most of storage space so that you don’t get clutter piling up outside of cupboards, closets and drawers.


Decluttering isn’t a once-and-you’re-done kind of project. Staying clutter-free and calm requires a little bit of maintenance. Here are some tips to help you keep your bedroom clutter-free and calm.

1. Do a regular re-set

Every morning and in the evening before you go to bed, give your bedroom a quick once-over. Put away any clothes, put laundry away, clear your nightstand and return items to their proper home.

2. Avoid distractions

Everything in your bedroom should be designed to help you get a good night’s sleep. Try not to allow anything into it that will distract you from a calming bedtime to help you wind down from the day.

3. Make your bed

Aim to make your bed every morning. A tidy bed instantly makes the room look more organised and gives the impression that you’re completely in control of your home (even if you’re not)!

4. Consider your decor

A calm room tends to have muted colours and patterns that don’t conflict. In the bedroom you want your body and brain to wind down for sleep and feel calm and relaxed. Check out this post on how to create a calm home for some more tips on this.

5. Pain points

One of my niggles is not knowing what to do with clothes when I take them off. There’s an in-between stage when they’re not dirty enough to go in the laundry but not clean enough to go back in the wardrobe. Instead of piling them on a chair or chucking them on the floor, I have a little box in my wardrobe that I throw them into instead. My husband has one too and it works brilliantly to keep that ugly clutter out of sight but easy to reach when I need it!