Things to Do in April to Simplify Your Life

Things to do in April to simplify your life

Welcome to the month of April. Here are 10 things to do in April to simplify your life, get organised, declutter your clutter and carve out more time for what really matters to you.

Things to Declutter in April

Things to declutter in April

Ready to welcome Spring into your home? Check out this list of things to declutter in April for some great decluttering projects to spring-clean your space and free up your mind, time and energy for other things!

30 Self-Care Ideas for Spring

30 Self-Care Ideas For Spring

The days are getting longer and we’re over the worst of the cold, dark Winter. Look forward to a brighter, sunnier Spring to rejuvenate body and mind. Try these 30 self-care ideas for Spring to freshen up your regular self-care routine.

6 Self-Care Habits for Your Daily Routine

6 self-care habits for your daily routine

Self-care doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming. For practical ways to look after your body and mind every day, check out this post for 6 self-care habits for your daily routine.

Why a Clutter-Free Life is an Intentional Life

Why a clutter-free life is an intentional life

Clutter-free living is about defining what’s important, simplifying the excess and making intentional decisions about what to let into your life and what to keep out. In this article I’m sharing my thoughts on why a clutter-free life is an intentional life and 7 examples of living intentionally with less.

How to Enjoy the Little Things: A Gentle Reminder For a Busy Life

How to enjoy the little things in life

Busy life encourages us to do more, achieve more, be more… and expect more. In this article I’m encouraging us to measure life differently with some simple tips on how to enjoy the little things in life. It’s a gentle reminder to slow down, live intentionally and appreciate all that we have.

10 Tips for Clutter-Free Living: Making Space for What Matters

10 tips for clutter-free living

Clutter isn’t just the stuff that takes up space in your closet, garage or drawers. Clutter is anything that comes between you and being able to live your fullest, most rewarding life. In this article I’m sharing 10 tips for clutter-free living and making space for what matters to you.

15 Simple Living Tips: Less Stress and More Freedom

10 simple living tips for less stress and more freedom

Simplifying life can help us create more ease, time and freedom with less stress. To find out how to make life easier and start to live more intentionally yourself, read on for 15 simple living tips. Simplify your life today for less stress and more freedom.

How to Create a Calm Home: 20 Tips for More Peace and Less Stress

calm family home

If you have a busy life and perhaps a busy family, life can feel anything but calm! In this post, I’m sharing some tips on how to create a calm home and 20 ideas you can try out for yourself to bring more peace and less stress to your home. Make your home a peaceful, relaxing and inviting space for you and your family.