Things to do in February to simplify, organise and enjoy your mum-life

Things to do in February to simplify, organise and enjoy your mum-life

The long month of January is over and February arrives to bring cold temperatures and bracing winds. It’s the month of love with Valentine’s day, half term holidays for those with kids at school and plenty of time wrapped up indoors to think about how you can declutter your home this Spring. Check out these things to do in February to simplify, organise and enjoy your mum-life!

1# Your cleaning routines

Not many of us enjoy cleaning our homes and we’d rather spend our time doing other things. So why not take a moment to think about how you can set up some household routines to get those mundane chores and housework done? You can choose to do little and often or get it all over with in one go, whatever suits you. But, there are some easy ways to keep your home clean and tidy without you having to spend a long time doing it. What would you do with that time instead?! There’s a link further down to help you get started!

#2 Meal-planning

I love cooking but that’s when I’ve got lots of time spare and I can cook whatever it is that I feel like eating. When the kids are little though, you’re often having to make several meals to cater for both the little and big ones in your household, who may eat at different times and eat different things. So, to save yourself some time and make it easier to decide what to cook (and ensure you’ve got all the ingredients you need), try doing a weekly meal plan and prep some of your food beforehand? There’s a download below to help you get started.

#3 What you say yes to

How many times have you found yourself saying ‘yes’ to something when you’d rather have said no? Is it because you don’t want to let people down, appear as though you don’t care or is it because you just don’t know how to say no? Take a moment to think about those times when you’ve said yes to an invite but then regret it and make yourself miserable because you don’t want to do it. Think about what you could have said instead of ‘yes’ and practice that for next time. Remember that when you say ‘yes’ to one thing, you’re also saying ‘no’ to something else.

only say yes to things you want to do


#4 Forgetting things

We all forget things sometimes, but if you’re prone to forgetting things regularly then maybe you need a plan! Set up a Notes on your phone specifically for things you need to remember or download the Trello app onto your phone so you can access your To Do lists whenever you need. Don’t rely on paper that you might not have to hand when you really need it.

#5 Your wardrobe

If you’ve got little kids, I bet mornings can be a bit of a rush! I also bet you don’t have much time to choose what you’re going to wear each morning so how many times do you reach for the closest thing to hand and just pull it on? Make it easier to get dressed each morning, knowing that whatever you do choose is going to look good and make you feel great by simplifying and decluttering your wardrobe. Check out the link further down for 10 easy steps to declutter your wardrobe.

#1 Arts and crafts supplies

If your kids are anything like mine then it’s easy for the arts and crafts supplies to mount up. I’m not sure where they all come from and despite my best decluttering efforts we seem to always ends up with more pens, pencils, erasers, stickers, colouring books etc than we know what to do with. Of course, there’s also always pens that dry out, pencils that have been dropped so often that the lead keeps breaking… I find that if there’s too much stuff, my kids don’t know which to choose from and just end up taking some plain blank paper and a few pencils anyway! Take some time to sort through what you’d like to keep, what’s just clutter, what doesn’t work anymore and get rid of it!

#2 Time with your partner

It’s Valentine’s Day this month so think about ways you can spend some quality time with your other half. If you can’t arrange childcare, then be creative about ways you can get some special time together. There’s a link further down to a post which might help you!

#3 Time for you

If you don’t have a partner, then organise some time when you can just spend time looking after yourself! I could have listed this point under the Enjoy section below, but if you’re a busy mum you’ll understand that time for you needs to be organised and planned first, not just enjoyed!

#4 Half term holiday

School takes a break for a week in February as the kids enjoy their half term holiday. It’s a welcome break for them as the Spring school term can be a bit of a cold, dark, hard slog. But, if you’re a parent (and specially a working parent) then you’ll need to plan what you’re going to do with your little ones so that you can all enjoy the holiday!

#5 Your book-shelf

Each month I’m trying to pick one or more areas of your home that are notoriously bad for accumulating clutter. Hit the bookshelves this month (your books and the kids’ books). Spend some time going through all the books in your home. Which ones haven’t you read – are you actually going to read them? Which ones have you read and won’t read again – can you donate them? Which books are like old friends, that you’d like to read and re-read? Have your kids outgrown any books? If you’re not going to read them, donate what you can and throw the rest.

#1 Nature

I know I’m a bit of a nature lover but this month you can often spot the beginnings of Spring. Spring marks the start of warmer weather and out with the old and in with the new. Take the kids out and see if you can spot the first signs of Spring. It’ll also get you out in the fresh air and there are loads of ideas for kids nature hunts that you can pull off the internet to keep the kids occupied and give you some inspiration.

enjoy being out in nature this february

#2 Focus on YOUR life

So much of our time as busy Mums is spent thinking about our families and our kids. Take some time to look at your life and if there’s anything that you’d like to try to improve. To make it easy for you, I’ve written a post on 4 focus areas to change your life which might give you some ideas and structure! The link is further down.

#3 A meal of your choice

This may sound like a funny one, but so often we’re forced to cook meals that we wouldn’t actually choose ourselves. As I mentioned above with meal-planning, when we have little kids we’re often tied to a limited range of foods and set meal times. One day or evening this month, choose something just for you. You can cook the kids (and the rest of your family) whatever they normally have (or make them eat what you’re having!), but for yourself choose a meal that’s just for you. Enjoy doing something just for you, think beyond the usual nuggets or lasagne (unless that’s your idea of food heaven) and enjoy being self-indulgent for once!

#4 Something nice to look at

Treat yourself to a bunch of flowers, a pretty candle or something else. Place it somewhere that you’ll see it often and make you smile. Flowers next to the kitchen sink so you can see them when you wash up! A candle in the bedroom to relax you before bed!

#5 Write down three things you like to do with your free time

My site is all about helping busy mums find easier, simpler ways to do the things we HAVE to do, so that we have more time to do the things we WANT to do. But, if you’re a busy mum then you might have forgotten what you like to do. When you’re not used to having free time you sometimes forget what used to make you happy, or you’re just so tired that nothing except hiding in bed watching Netflix sounds appealing. I know the feeling! But I’ve found that if you make a list of three things that you could do with your free time then you’ll know what to do when you actually get some. It could be reading a book, baking… the choice is yours. But this way next time you get some free time, you can make sure that you’ve got a book ready to read, or the ingredients ready for baking. You won’t be wasting your precious free time shopping for these things or pondering on what to do next.


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Have you got any suggestions for other things to add to this list? Or perhaps for next month’s March list? What’s your favourite thing about February? Let me know in the comments!

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