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45 Spring Journal Prompts to Inspire Reflection and Growth

45 Spring Journal Prompts to Inspire Reflection and Growth

Spring is a wonderful time to explore our thoughts, hopes and dreams. In this article I’m sharing 45 spring journal prompts to inspire a season of reflection and growth. I hope they help you embrace a simple but more intentional life.


Spring is the time to bring colour and freshness to our home and life after the cold, darker winter season.

During the spring months we see nature transition into colour, energy and vitality and I like to think we can follow nature’s lead.

For your spring journaling you could focus on:

  • Your relationship with nature and the environment
  • How the change in temperatures and light levels affect your physical and mental health
  • Even perhaps how a season of growth in nature draws parallels with a season of your own personal growth and development, in your body, mind, spiritual, financial and home life

Let’s come out of winter hibernation and look forward to renewal and growth in our minds and hearts.


Here are 45 journal prompts to inspire your writing and your life plans during the spring season.

  1. What does spring mean to you personally?
  2. Describe your favourite springtime memory from childhood.
  3. How does the change in weather affect your mood during spring?
  4. List five things you’re looking forward to experiencing this spring.
  5. Write about a recent outdoor adventure you had during the spring.
  6. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of spring in your local community or neighbourhood.
  7. Write about the flowers or plants that you most associate with spring and why.
  8. How does spring inspire your creativity or artistic endeavours?
  9. Describe the feeling of warmth and sunlight on your skin during spring.
  10. Reflect on how you can incorporate more mindfulness into your daily life this spring.
  11. Write about a spring cleaning project you’ve completed or plan to undertake.
  12. Describe your ideal spring day from start to finish.
  13. Reflect on any personal growth or changes you’ve experienced since the beginning of spring.
  14. Reflect on the concept of balance and renewal in your life during the spring season.
  15. Describe the taste of your favourite seasonal spring dish or drink.
  16. Write about a goal or intention you have for the spring season.
  17. Reflect on the concept of “spring cleaning” in your personal life—what areas need decluttering or renewal?
  18. Write about a springtime tradition or ritual that holds significance for you.
  19. Describe the feeling of anticipation and excitement that comes with the arrival of spring.
  20. Reflect on how you can cultivate a sense of gratitude in your life during the spring season.
  21. Write about a moment of joy or beauty you’ve experienced in nature during springtime.
  22. Reflect on the cycle of growth and change in your own life compared to the cycles of nature during spring.
  23. Write a letter to yourself reflecting on your hopes and dreams for the spring season.
  24. Describe the feeling of renewal and energy that comes with the longer days of spring.
  25. Write about a new hobby or interest you’ve discovered or rekindled during the spring season.
  26. Describe the feeling of being outdoors in nature during spring—what sensations do you experience?
  27. Reflect on any challenges or obstacles you’ve faced this spring and how you’ve overcome them.
  28. Write about a favourite childhood activity or game you enjoyed during the springtime.
  29. Describe the feeling of letting go of old habits or patterns as you embrace the freshness of spring.
  30. Reflect on the concept of growth and renewal in your relationships during the spring season.
  31. Write about a moment of inspiration or insight you’ve had while spending time outdoors in spring.
  32. Describe the feeling of hope and possibility that comes with the arrival of spring.
  33. Reflect on the ways you can practice self-care and nurture yourself during the spring season.
  34. Describe the feeling of being surrounded by new life and growth during spring.
  35. Reflect on any fears or anxieties you have about change and how you can embrace them during the spring season.
  36. Write about the ways you can bring more light and positivity into your life during spring.
  37. Describe the feeling of awakening and renewal that comes with the transition from winter to spring.
  38. Reflect on the concept of balance and harmony in your life and how you can achieve it during springtime.
  39. Write about a favourite springtime destination or travel experience you’ve had.
  40. Describe the feeling of connection and unity with nature during spring.
  41. Reflect on the ways you can practice gratitude and appreciation for the beauty of spring.
  42. Write about a favourite springtime scent or aroma that brings you joy.
  43. Describe the feeling of freedom and liberation that comes with the arrival of spring.
  44. Reflect on the lessons you’ve learned from nature during the spring season.
  45. Write about your hopes and dreams for the future as you embrace the opportunities of spring.
45 spring journal prompts


I love writing so I enjoy using journal prompts to inspire me when putting pen to paper.

However, there are different ways you can use journal prompts for reconnecting with yourself and exploring your thoughts.

You could:

  • Choose one prompt each day and mull it over as you go about your day. This gives you time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings in different times and moods.
  • Write them on a post-it note and leave it in a place where you’ll see it at different times of the day. On the front of the fridge or your bathroom mirror.
  • Share them with friends and family on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Chat with your partner and share your thoughts about how you would respond to each prompt.
  • Read them as a list and just let your thoughts wander and see where that takes you.
  • Pick one each day, whichever you feel drawn to on that particular occasion.
  • Use them passively just to reflect on and be present with and mindful of your thoughts.
  • Be more proactive and use your responses to build a plan for taking further action.

How you use the prompts is entirely up to you! Find what works best for you and let me know in the comments what you discover!


Journaling is a powerful way of honing in on what the ‘inner you’ is thinking and feeling to support a meaningful, intentional life. Much of our days are spent doing all the things and we often don’t have the time or space to listen to our body, our thoughts and emotions.

This is where journaling is such a useful tool. The physical act of putting pen to paper, forming the words, and letting those words flow out of our brains and visibly onto paper is relaxing, cathartic and releasing.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, anxious, stressed or brain-fried, it’s amazing what a few moments of peace, quiet, contemplation and being mindfully present and grounded can do for our mindset and positive thinking.

Journaling is a way of releasing and giving an outlet to all these complex emotions.

Yet, it has practical value too, as we can begin to make sense of our thoughts, explore the root of them and identify ways that we might need to change, grow or develop in new ways.

Spring journaling is a great time to build a regular journaling practice as it is, in itself, the season of growth and change – both of which journaling seeks to encourage and embrace.

45 spring journal prompts


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