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Hello and welcome to Balance Through Simplicity!

I hope you enjoy my site and learning how to declutter and simplify your life in a way that feels right to you.

Simplicity looks different to everyone but I encourage you to come with an open mind and heart, try things out and make changes slowly and steadily.

If you’re ready to begin, let me explain a little more about what you’ll find here…


I believe that simplicity helps us carve out space to intentionally create a life we love. The details will look different from person to person but here are some important steps to help guide you and a snapshot of what my website is all about…

1. Identifying what feels off

The first step in making any changes is to understand how you’re feeling now and how you’d like to feel instead. Perhaps you’d like more free time, less stress, less rushing, less frustration, more direction, more joy. Listen to yourself when things feel off and take action to embark on a new chapter with an open heart and mind. Ask yourself now, how are you (really) feeling?

2. The impact of too much

We live in exciting times but they bring unexpected challenges. We aim high, want bigger, try harder and chase more. This often comes at a cost with too much on our minds, in our schedules, in our homes. Cue frustration, resentment, tiredness or simply an overstuffed life with no room left for us. Clear the clutter, remove the distraction and give yourself room to breathe and grow. Start decluttering here.

3. Simplifying life

Decluttering our homes is a popular place to begin but space comes in many shapes and forms. Taking baby steps to clear the rest of our everyday clutter requires a mindset shift. Focus less on what you’re getting rid of and more on what you’re gaining more of in the process – more time, more ease, more freedom. What do you want more of? Discover the Minimalist lifestyle here.

4. Defining your priorities

Sometimes we know what we want from life. Sometimes we’re so overwhelmed that we can’t think straight. As we simplify life, think differently about the stuff we let in and keep out, we become more aware of what lifts us up and what brings us down. Getting clear on what you want and what really matters will help align your everyday choices with intentionally creating a life you love. What would that life look like to you? Learn more about intentional living here.

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So, now you know what my site is about, what’s your next step?

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