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100 Things To Get Rid of Today To Declutter Your Home

100 Things To Get Rid of Today To Declutter Your Home

If you’d like to simplify your life and declutter your home but the prospect of going it alone feels too overwhelming, you might like this list of 100 things to get rid of today to declutter your home and life. Simple ideas to clear your clutter, one idea at a time.


Sometimes it feels overwhelming to think about decluttering our entire home. How do you know where to start, what if you’re pushed for time or don’t have the motivation or energy to embark on a huge declutter session? These are all common questions and familiar to me too!

Sometimes it’s just easier, less daunting and more helpful to follow a list. I completely understand because I love lists and ticking things off. I love to track my progress and see how I’m doing and how far I’ve got left to go!

If you like lists or you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of decluttering your entire home and would prefer a little guidance to motivate and focus you, in this article I’m sharing a list of 100 things to get rid of today to declutter your home and life.


It can be difficult to start decluttering. We often feel overwhelmed by decluttering and aren’t sure where or how to start. Perhaps we don’t have time to declutter and would rather be doing other things when we have some precious spare time than sifting through cupboards and drawers. Perhaps we need motivation to declutter but we can’t get in the right mindset or summon up enough energy.

That’s where having some decluttering projects can be useful to help break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks. This is why I’ve created this list of 100 things to get rid of today. It includes some quick and easy decluttering projects and there’s a printable version of the list below which you can get too!


Below is a decluttering list with 100 things to get rid of today. I’ve split it into 10 different sections, each with 10 suggestions. You could work your way down the list section by section, completing each as you go. Alternatively, you could dip in and out depending on your time and mood.

Whichever way you choose to follow the list, you’ll end up with less stuff and more space! Even picking just 10 items from the whole list could be a good starting point.

If you’d like to print this list and tick it off as you go, you’ll find a printable declutter checklist of 100 things to get rid of today at the bottom of the post.

Good luck!

100 things to get rid of today to declutter your home and life


The bathroom is often the easiest place to start decluttering because it’s usually a small-ish space, you know what you use and what you don’t and there’s a finite amount of storage space. Decluttering the bathroom means you’re less likely to get stuck on difficult to declutter items such as sentimental items or where you’ve got a lot of stuff to sort through such as the attic or kitchen. Here are some quick and easy projects to declutter in your bathroom.

1. Empty bottles – If it’s used up and empty, throw it away!

2. Items that you don’t like to use – If it’s been stuck in a cupboard for a year because it makes you itchy or you don’t like the smell, maybe it’s time to get rid of it!

3. Cosmetics and beauty products that are old and past their best – Old make-up can become stale and a breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Bath toys that your kids don’t play with or have outgrown – My kids bring a selection of their normal toys into the bath and dry them off when they’ve finished playing with them. I found our bathroom became yet another toy storage facility otherwise!

5. Medicines that have expired or that have run out – Make a note of any replacements you need and add them to your shopping list.

6. Counters and worktops – Keep them clear and they’re easier to clean and give the illusion of more space.

7. Luxury products that you’re saving for special occasions – Make every day a special occasion and use it now! It’s too good to forget about by storing it in a cupboard.

8. Towels – Throw away the threadbare ones and keep enough towels to suit your household routines and activities.

9. Dirty laundry – My laundry basket lives in my bathroom so if yours does too, get a load of laundry done and that counts as decluttering!

10. Cleaning products you don’t use – I keep some bathroom cleaning products in a cupboard in my bathroom. If I get a few minutes after my shower or when my kids are in the bath, I give the bathroom a quick clean so it never gets really grimy. Get rid of the products you don’t use but which take up your space.


Your bedroom can be a tempting dumping ground for the stuff that you don’t know where else to put in the home. It might be the last place that many of your visitors (or even the rest of your family) might see but it’s where you come back to every night for a calm, relaxing evening and peaceful, rejuvenating sleep. The last thing you want to see is a room full of clutter and distraction. Here are 10 quick and easy decluttering projects for your bedroom.

1. Make your bed – A tidy bed gives the illusion of a tidy room.

2. Clear your nightstand – Only have on it what you need for the night.

3. Get everything off the floor – Hang all the clothes and move any stuff that you might have lying on the floor. Have a spare box, drawer or space in your closet where you can put things out of sight instead of on the floor.

4. Flat surfaces – Clear your flat surfaces. Look at the shelves and table-tops. Keep these as clear as possible.

5. Cushions, throws and bed-covers – Accessorising your room gives personality and expression but be careful not to overdo it. Choose your favourites and let these stand out.

6. Bedlinen – Sort through your bedlinen and get rid of the threadbare or duplicates that you don’t need.

7. Under the bed – Take a peek under the bed. Remove anything that shouldn’t be there.

8. Your ‘To Read’ pile – Sift through your pile of books to read. Do you still want to read it all or can you weed out the ones that no longer interest you?

9. Walls – I love artwork on my walls but I go for the less-is-more approach, particularly in the bedroom. Too much clutter is too distracting for sleep.

10. Clothes – More about this later, but have a quick sort through and donate, recycle, throw or sell anything in your closet that you don’t like and haven’t worn for, say, two years.

Making your bedroom a sanctuary and why it matters


How do you feel when you open your wardrobe door? Do you look forward to getting dressed and enjoy making yourself look and feel good, ready for the day ahead? Or is it stressful, you can’t find anything to wear and end up chucking on the same thing as yesterday because you run out of time? Declutter your clothes with these easy projects to help create space and more options in your closet.

1. Clothes that don’t fit or suit your body now – You want a wardrobe full of pieces you love to wear, not a constant reminder of how you wish your body looked instead.

2. Clothes that are damaged, stained and beyond repair – Get them mended or donate/recycle them.

3. Clothes that you haven’t worn in a couple of years – You might choose a shorter time-frame but there’s usually a reason why you haven’t worn them.

4. Clothes you don’t like – If you don’t like them, you’re not likely to wear them.

5. Shoes that aren’t comfortable – You won’t wear them if they’re not comfy (at least not for long!).

6. Underwear that’s saggy or has holes – Replace when you’re next shopping or have the budget.

7. Socks without pairs – As above.

8. Accessories – Donate anything you don’t like to wear and make good use of.

9. Ironing – Get it done and out of the way. Yes, I class this as decluttering!

10. Jewellery – Clean, repair and organise the pieces you want to keep. Donate or sell the rest.


Children do create clutter, whether that’s their toys, clothes, changing equipment or just noise and mess! Here are some ideas for decluttering your children’s bedroom, toys, clothes and artwork.

1. Outgrown clothes – Items that your kids no longer fit into and you don’t want to keep for a smaller sibling.

2. Outgrown shoes – As above.

3. Outdoor clothes and shoes – Put out of season clothes away and declutter items that your children have outgrown.

4. Broken toys – Toys that have parts missing or are damaged beyond repair.

5. Toys and books your children have outgrown – Donate or sell.

6. Stuffed toys – My kids had loads of these. Choose 10 favourites and donate the rest.

7. Art and craft supplies – Sort through the broken pencils and pens that don’t work. Make a note of any replacements you’d like to buy.

8. Craft projects and artwork – Choose your favourites, take photos as keep-sakes and recycle or throw the rest.

9. Bedroom – Clear the floor, declutter the excess and make sure there’s enough storage space for what’s left.

10. Underwear, sleep and swimwear – Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or is missing a pair.


In many homes the kitchen works hard. It might be a place we cook, eat and entertain in. It’s also a common gathering point for family and clutter! Make keeping your kitchen a clear, tidy and clean space to be in with these simple tips to declutter the kitchen.

1. Flat surfaces – Clear the table-tops, counter-tops and work surfaces and only put back what you absolutely want to keep there.

2. Cutlery – How many sets do you need for every day? Get rid of the rest or keep a few extra for entertaining.

3. Pots and pans – Check all the pans have their matching lids. Clear the excess.

4. Tupperware and storage containers – Check for matching lids, get rid of the excess and find a place to store the rest that’s neat and tidy.

5. Plates and bowls – How many do you really need and how many are just taking up space in your cupboard?

6. Spices and herbs – Check for out-of-date or past-their-best items. Replace if necessary.

7. Store cupboard food – As above.

8. Fridge – Take everything out, clean the fridge and put back what you’re keeping.

9. Freezer – As above.

10. Recipe books – Keep the ones you refer to and like to use. Donate the excess.


The hall and entrance way is another area of the home that works hard. With people coming and going, bags, coats and shoes dumped as we go to and fro, it’s easy for this area to be a clutter hotspot, look messy and be difficult to keep clean and tidy. Here are some easy tips to declutter the entrance way and keep it clutter-free.

1. Sort shoes and boots – Store out-of-season items, declutter anything that doesn’t fit and throw items that are beyond repair.

2. Provide storage for footwear – Put in place a storage option for shoes such as a shoerack, set of boxes or under the stairs or in a cupboard. Keep it simple and user-friendly (or it won’t get used!).

3. Coats and outerwear – Declutter all and store the out-of-season stuff. Keep what fits and what you like to wear.

4. Junk mail – It lands in our entrance way and clutters our space.

5. School bags – Find somewhere else for them to live when not in use.

6. Keys – As above (and so you can find them).

7. Handbag/purse – We often need these as we leave home so take a minute to sort through what you carry around with you.

8. Hats/gloves/scarves – How many do you really need?

9. Letters – Create a place for important letters to be sorted, read and actioned.

10. The floor – As much as possible, keep the floor clear to maximise space.

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Do you work from home or just perch on a corner of the kitchen counter? Perhaps you study from home or even just have a small command centre set up where you keep your paperwork, filing and laptop? In this section we’re looking at decluttering your digital files, computer, phone and home office. Electronic and paper clutter can build up quickly if we don’t set up systems to keep it at bay. Here are some simple projects to help you declutter your home office and digital clutter.

1. Cables, leads and wires – Sort through what fits the devices you have now and get rid of the rest.

2. Your desk – Clear and clean the surface and put back only what you’re using at the time.

3. Desktop icons – Declutter your desktop, remove unwanted icons and organise the ones you’re keeping.

4. Email inbox – Delete unwanted emails, flag emails than need actioning, archive the ones you want to keep.

5. Unsubscribe – Unfollow, unlike or unsubscribe to email newsletters and social media accounts that don’t add value to your life.

6. Apps on your phone – Declutter the apps on your phone and organise what’s left.

7. Digital photos – Clear the duplicates and fuzzy ones. Keep your favourites.

8. Filing system – Create a digital filing system for personal stuff, photos, work, holidays, school, personal and other aspects of your life. Save files in the appropriate folders using a clear labelling system so that you can find things easily.

9. Bins – Empty the bins (physical and digital on your desktop).

10. Your To Do list – Declutter your task list and only keep the most urgent or important stuff on your list for today.


Take a look around your home and I bet there are a few things that you see every day but don’t really take notice of or think to declutter, but they’re adding to the clutter nonetheless. Here are some quick and easy home decluttering projects to help you get rid of more stuff around the home which you don’t really need.

1. Excess plastic bags

2. DVDs, VHS videos and CDs – Do you need them or can you download them from elsewhere?

3. Old mobile phones – Sell or recycle them.

4. Excess hangers

5. Home accessories – Do you need all those candles, pictures, photos and ornaments?

6. Recycling – Yes, we don’t want it in our homes so it’s classed as clutter!

7. Christmas decorations – Sort through the broken ones or ones that you no longer want to use.

8. Hobby supplies – That you no longer use or get enjoyment from.

9. Unwanted gifts – You don’t have to keep them if you don’t want to!

10. Your car – What’s in the boot and glove box of your car?


Paper clutter is a common problem in many homes. It’s easy for it to build up and we often tend to shuffle it around a few times before doing anything with it! Here are just a few tips for getting rid of the paper clutter in your home.

1. Instruction manuals – You can find most of these on the internet these days if you need them.

2. Reference books – If you can find the information on the internet just as easily.

3. Take away menus – Again, you can usually find these online.

4. Paper bills – Go online and switch to paperless where possible. Set up automated payments to save time and be more efficient.

5. Maps – Find these online if you can.

6. Your address book – Can you create an electronic version?

7. To Do lists – Keep a digital one on your phone?

8. The front of the fridge – Not a storage place for lists, things to remember or errands to run.

9. Your filing system – Scan and save digitally what you need to keep, shred, recycle or throw the rest. Make filing a regular part of your daily, weekly or monthly routine.

10. Expired coupons and vouchers – If they’re out of date they won’t be of much use.


Here are some other items you’ll find around the home that might need a little declutter. They’re often things that get missed when we’re decluttering the bigger or more obvious things. Your home might have many more things still to declutter but here are 10 to get started with!

  1. Mouldy fruit in the fruit bowl
  2. Lighting that’s too bright or too harsh
  3. Fittings for the vacuum cleaner that you never use
  4. Mugs, glasses or plates with chips and cracks
  5. Valuable items that you’ve been meaning to sell but haven’t gotten around to
  6. School bags
  7. Tools or DIY supplies you don’t know how to use
  8. Keys that you don’t know what they’re for
  9. Bicycles, scooters and outdoor toys your children have outgrown
  10. Cobwebs on the ceiling and dust on the skirting board – Yes, cleaning is a form of decluttering!


I hope you enjoyed this list and found it helpful to follow the ideas. I also hope you’ve begun to both see and feel some progress in your home with a little less stuff and a little more space and calm.

Decluttering can be difficult, especially in the beginning. You might have a lot of stuff, find it difficult to part with your belongings, particularly the sentimental ones. Decluttering is also tough if you have little kids, have no support from others in your home or you’re trying to fit it in around everything else in your busy life.

I’ve included some decluttering resources to give you some further help plus some tips on how to overcome common problems.

The benefits of decluttering your home and life are huge and can really help to simplify and create more space, time and freedom for other things (rather than just managing the stuff that clutters your home and life).

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If you’d like to learn more about decluttering, here are some resources which it might be helpful to read:


If you’d like a printable version of this list, pop your details in the box below and I’ll send one direct to your inbox so you can get started today…


Monday 13th of November 2023

oh my goodness!!!! you have made my day.... with the decluttering sheets, i am confident that i can now declutter my unfinished craft items and other miscellaneous projects that i have lost interest... clothes.... i have so many socks and underwear (50+)... i am 76+ and find myself feeling overwhelmed.... thank you again for your blog...

Balance Through Simplicity

Tuesday 14th of November 2023

Hi Ellen, you're very welcome! I'm so pleased you found the checklist helpful! Thank you for reading.