Things to declutter in December

Things to declutter in December

Try these quick decluttering projects this month. You’ll be on your way to a clutter-free home before the busy Christmas season with my list of things to declutter in December.

  1. The internet (is it even possible?!)
  2. Lighting that’s too bright or hard
  3. Colours in your home that you don’t love and feel right living with
  4. Too many conflicting patterns and colours
  5. Décor items that aren’t really to your taste
  6. Old furniture that you’ve inherited or acquired that you don’t like
  7. Paintings on the wall that you don’t love
  8. Photos that you don’t love to look at or mean something
  9. Regret
  10. The coffee table in your living room
  11. The top of the fridge
  12. Old notes that you no longer need
  13. To Do lists that hang around not done
  14. Random phone numbers that could be put into one single contact list
  15. Chores that stop you having family time
  16. Exercise that’s too tough to fit in with family life so you put it off – walk daily instead
  17. Empty beauty products that are sitting on the side of the bath
  18. Old food in the fridge
  19. Mouldy fruit in the fruit bowl
  20. Empty jars and bottles that have gone back into the fridge
  21. Lipstick that doesn’t suit you
  22. Clothes that used to suit you but you don’t feel comfortable in anymore
  23. How many pairs of shoes do you actually need?
  24. Bras that no longer support you
  25. Knickers that have gone grey
  26. Your email inbox
  27. Toys in every room (try to keep one room that’s toy free)
  28. Your goals for this year
  29. Your contact list for friends and family
  30. Emergency numbers
  31. Your approach to life so you’re happy with a simple, easier, enjoyable life!
Things to declutter in December

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