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How to Declutter in December to Simplify Your Home

How to Declutter in December to Simplify Your Home

Try these quick decluttering projects this month. You’ll be on your way to a clutter-free home before the busy Christmas season with my list of 30 things to declutter in December to simplify your life.


Decluttering doesn’t need to a big job. You don’t need loads of time or buckets of motivation. What might help is a little list of projects that you can do as and when you feel like it.

Take a look through this list of 30 things to declutter in December and try some of the projects out. One a day for a month, or just pick a few to try to get started…

  1. The internet (is it even possible?!). Give it a go for a day or week and see how you get on! If the internet is too tough to give up, try the TV?
  2. Lighting that’s too bright or hard and makes your home feel uninviting.
  3. Colours in your home that you don’t love and feel right living with.
  4. Too many conflicting patterns and colours which distract the eye and mind.
  5. Décor items that aren’t really to your taste that could be recycled or donated.
  6. Old furniture that you’ve inherited or acquired that you don’t like.
  7. Paintings on the wall that you don’t love but need dusting all the same.
  8. Photos that you don’t love to look at or mean something special.
  9. Regret and negative thoughts that hold you back or get in your way.
  10. The coffee table in your living room because it’s easy to just dump stuff there. Clutter attracts clutter so keep it clear.
  11. The top of the fridge because out of sight is out of mind?
  12. Old notes that you no longer need but you’ve held onto for some unknown reason.
  13. To Do lists that hang around not done because they’re too long, complex and overwhelming.
  14. Random phone numbers that could be put into one single contact list
  15. Chores that stop you having family time because you’re too busy catching up on laundry.
  16. Exercise that’s too tough to fit in with family life so you put it off – walk daily instead.
  17. Empty beauty and bath products that are sitting on the side of the bath cluttering up your space.
  18. Old food in the fridge that you can’t or won’t eat.
  19. Mouldy fruit in the fruit bowl that needs to be thrown away.
  20. Empty jars and bottles that have gone back into the fridge and take up space.
  21. Lipstick that doesn’t suit you and you never wear.
  22. Clothes that used to suit you but you don’t feel comfortable in anymore.
  23. How many pairs of shoes do you actually need?
  24. Bras that no longer support you because we all need good support!
  25. Knickers that have gone grey and which don’t make you feel good from the inside out!
  26. Your email inbox so you can find what you need and your inbox isn’t full of junk.
  27. Toys in every room (try to keep one room that’s toy free).
  28. Your goals for this year so that you’re not chasing targets or dreams that don’t feel right anymore.
  29. Your contact list for friends and family so you can access it easily and it’s up-to-date.
  30. Emergency numbers so you’re not rooting around for a plumber or electrician when you most need one.
  31. Your approach to life so you’re happy with a simple, easier, enjoyable life!
Things to declutter in December


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I hope you enjoyed this list of things to declutter in December. There’s an item for each day of the month. If you’d like to carry on decluttering your home, your time and your life, check out my FREE Declutter Starter Kit. It’s packed full of helpful decluttering tips, projects and advice to get you started.


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