10 Reasons to Declutter Your Home

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10 reasons to declutter your home

Decluttering is so popular right now and everyone seems to be throwing out their unwanted stuff, clearing their homes of the clutter and finding ways to organise what’s left. If you haven’t got started yet, aren’t quite sure what the fuss is all about or exactly why and how it’s going to help you anyway, then check out my 10 reasons to declutter your home.


Check out these reasons to declutter your home and why removing your unwanted clutter can literally change your life!

I’ll also give you some tips on how to start decluttering, common decluttering problems and how to get around them and why decluttering is the key to a simpler, easier and more intentional life for you and your family.

1. Less stress

Scientific studies have shown that clutter affects our ability to focus and concentrate. Too much clutter has also been shown to increase our stress levels so in a nutshell – less clutter means less stress. Check out this post for more on the research but, in summary, if you want to cut down your stress levels, a good place to start is by ditching some of your clutter!

2. More space

This is perhaps an obvious one, but getting rid of your unwanted clutter creates more physical space. You’re only keeping what you need, love and adds value to your life so there’s less random clutter taking up space in your cupboards, garage, shed, drawers, on table tops, shelves, work surfaces and of course, stacked on the floor and stairs!

3. More peace

Your home will be calmer and more peaceful because too much stuff not only clutters your space but it becomes visually distracting and clutters the mind. Check out this post to read more about how to create a calm, peaceful family home that supports you and your family.

4. Easier to find things

It’s less likely that you’ll lose something (and therefore, it’s easier to find things) if you’ve generally got less stuff. There’s less clutter to sift through so even if you’re not the most neat and organised person, you’ll still be able to find things quicker. Generally, as part of the process of decluttering and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, you’ll probably be reorganising things anyway and setting up proper filing systems, storage or places to keep things so you’ll know where most, if not everything, is.

5. Increases productivity and efficiency

Building on the point before, you’ll be more productive and efficient because you won’t waste so much time trying to find things! For other tips on how to be super-productive, check out this post on 15 ways to have the most productive day.

6. Easier to look after

A decluttered home is SO much easier to look after and maintain. If there’s less stuff then it’s quicker to tidy up, clear things away, clean and generally keep on top of. Less time looking after your home means more time (and energy) to do other things. You can make it even quicker and easier to look after your home if you put in place some simple routines for your housework and regular chores. Check out this post on 10 routines to keep your home clean and tidy.

7. Ready for visitors

If your home is easier to look after and has less clutter, then it’s easier to keep it looking neat and tidy and ready for visitors (pretty much) at all times. Yes, you might need to do a quick run-around picking up a few things, but nothing that will take longer than a few minutes or that your guests will really notice! Check out this post on 12 ways to re-set your home in a flash if your mother-in-law rings to say she’s popping over in 10 minutes!

8. You’ll spend less

When you get used to living with less clutter and learning to be intentional and careful about what you let into your home, then you’ll probably find that you’ll spend less on stuff that you don’t really need or want. You’ll learn to find other ways to make yourself happy instead of a trip to the shops. Your bank balance will thank you for it too! Check out this post on how to shop with intention if you love shopping but hate clutter.

9. Encourages gratitude

Being grateful for what you have and focusing on what’s important to you and your family is so important but easily forgotten in today’s consumerist world. When we’re used to having lots of stuff then we often don’t fully appreciate what we already have. The same is true for both us adults and for kids when they have so many toys they don’t know what to play with first. Click this link to read more about how your kids can benefit from actually having less toys.

10. More time and energy for other things

A decluttered home is not the end goal. Although it’s lovely to have an uncluttered, organised, family-friendly, welcoming home (i.e. a decluttered home), it’s WHAT this decluttered home will give you that’s the real magic. You’ll have time, space, energy, freedom and possibly more money. Just think what all this could mean for you and your family?

10 reasons to declutter your home

So, how did those 10 reasons to declutter your home sound? Does the thought of more time, more energy, less stress, more money, and generally feeling happier about your home being less of a burden seem like good enough reasons to give decluttering a try? I hope so because it’s so worth it! The trick is getting started in the first place.

Here are 2 posts which will help you start to declutter:


Before you start decluttering (and even in the early stages of becoming clutter-free), you’re more than likely to hit some problems. Check out these posts for simple solutions to some common problems. I’ve tried to answer as many questions as I can in these posts that I know people struggle with. Forewarned is to be forearmed as they say!


2 Comments on “10 Reasons to Declutter Your Home”

  1. This decluttering has been a process for me. I am learning but by bit how to get rid of the stuff. I didn’t even realize how much I had until I was constantly picking it up. You are right, as a disorganized person by nature, decluttering is life saving!

    1. Yes, I think decluttering is like this for many people. The hardest part is getting started but once you start and see the benefits, the rest often comes with time x

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