Things to do in January

Things to do in January to simplify, organise and enjoy your life

January can be a dark, miserable and very long month after the festive fun of Christmas. Some of us may have eaten too much, drunk too much or spent too much (and maybe all three)?! I love Christmas but I also love January because it feels like a fresh beginning and the opportunity to make changes and start a new chapter in my life. If you’re looking to re-focus and start to make some real changes for you and your family, check out these things to do in January to simplify, organise and enjoy your life!


#1 Kids’ toys

Declutter the kids’ toys now that your kids have probably received lots of new things this Christmas. Work out what they play with, what they’ve grown out of, what’s broken or has pieces missing. Donate what’s in good condition to children who didn’t receive many gifts this Christmas time and help your kids understand the importance of helping others less fortunate than themselves. 

Declutter The Toys
#2 Your beauty routine

Simplify your beauty routine by looking at your current routine and the beauty products you own. Do you use them all? Do you need them all? Are there any you don’t use, or are past their best? Get rid of what you don’t want to keep, invest in new if you can and remember that beauty comes from within!

#3 Your kitchen

Take a look at the cupboards and worksurfaces in your kitchen. Are they crammed and overflowing or uncluttered and neatly organised? Pick the most cluttered and untidy parts of your kitchen and sort through them. Remove any excess items, utensils, plates, glassware etc that you don’t use and get rid of it. Clear the worktops of anything that doesn’t need to be there. Most things can be stored in cupboards and just taken out when you use them.

#4 Your calendar

Think back over the last year, look at your diary and assess where and how you spent your time. Was it on things that you wanted to do, or did you often wish for more free time without having to do anything or be any where? Think about your plans for this year and be more intentional about what you say yes to as you’ll be saying no to something else at the same time.

#5 Your To Do List for today

Don’t fill up your list of jobs to do today with things which aren’t really that important. Choose the top 3 things that NEED to get done because they’re important or most urgent and just do them. When you’ve done them, add another 3. Put too much on your list for today to start with and you risk not getting any of it done!

Things to do in January to simplify, organise and enjoy your mum-life
#1 Your holidays

Depending on your budget, if you’re planning to go away at all then now’s the time to look at school term dates, kennels for the dog, special offers on holidays or just plan some days out. It’s dark and miserable in the UK in January so a holiday anywhere seems like a great idea!

#2 Your car

Let’s get those horrible jobs out of the way this month! Go and organise your car. Wash it, check the oil and screenwash. Hoover the inside. Make sure you’ve got supplies of anything you need. For example, I keep baby wipes, loose change, some reading books for my kids, notepad and pen, a torch and some snacks in my car and a plastic bag to put all the rubbish in. I have some tools to change my spare wheel (not that I’d be able to do it!) and a first aid kit.

#3 Your finances

It’s the start of a whole new year so a great time to take stock of your current money situation. And, of course, you might have overspent a little at Christmas so it’s a good way to face up to any money issues and deal with them head on. Work out your income and expenditure per month and plan a monthly budget for the year that suits your lifestyle and financial situation. Aim to get rid of any debts and save where possible.


Simplify your finances
#4 Your sock drawer

No not really! Instead, I want you to organise one boring or complicated thing or area of your life that you always put off. Now’s the time to just get it done, off your To Do list and out of the way so you can crack on with other more exciting things this year.

#5 Your hallway

The entrance to your home gets a daily battering with people coming and going and lots of stuff dumped – coats, shoes, bags, keys, post. Look at how your hallway gets used and the type of stuff that builds up. Declutter what you can, find storage for the rest and teach your family to put things in their proper home from the moment they walk in the door. Let’s face it, this could take a whole year to train your family to do this!

#1 Go for a daily walk

Go for a daily walk in the cold air and bracing wind! Take the kids in buggies, on scooters or with a football and just enjoy striding out and feel the movement in your body. A great way of blowing the cobwebs away, having time to think and get a fresh perspective on things.

#2 Get 10 minutes to yourself 

Allow yourself 10 minutes with a cup of something warm and read a chapter of a book or listen to a motivational or interesting podcast. Don’t try to do anything else (now’s not a time for multi-tasking), just focus on you.

Take 10 minutes for yourself as part of your self care
#3 Set yourself some goals

Set yourself some goals for the coming year. They don’t have to be complicated or difficult. Baby steps towards bigger goals are just fine. Be ambitious but realistic and remember to be intentional about your goals – choose ones that really mean something. Write them down and hold yourself accountable to achieving them in a specific timescale.

#4 Best memories from last year 

Think back over the high points of last year and see if you can find ways to repeat them or do something similar again. If you really enjoyed doing something, do it again! Ask your family what their best memories were and try to recreate them.

#5 Go out with a friend

Invite a friend out for post-Christmas drinks, coffee and cake or lunch. Catch up on news, have a laugh, remember how important friendships can be and that we don’t always put enough time or energy into them.


Start the year as you mean to go on. This is your life, this is your time, be intentional about what you do with it.

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