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30 Things to Declutter in November to Simplify Your Home and Life

30 Things to Declutter in November to Simplify Your Home and Life


Here are some simple decluttering projects for you to try this November. Some of them are quick and easy, others might take a little more time. This list of 30 things to declutter in November will help you get your home clutter-free, more streamlined and much easier to manage!


Although you might find this a handy little list to guide you as you declutter a few things around your home and from your life this month, there’s more to this list than meets the eye.

Whilst you may or may not have some or all of these items in your home, the REAL point of this list is to encourage you to build decluttering into part of your regular routine.

Once you feel at ease with how decluttered your home and life might be, it’s tempting to sit back and think you’re done. I know I did and that’s probably why decluttering can be tough. We spend ages clearing clutter, making lots of decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of and finally summon up the courage to get rid of our unwanted stuff.

But that stuff just keeps on coming back doesn’t it!

Busy life brings with it lots of different types of clutter. Some of this clutter is easy to get rid of, some of it requires us to let go of emotions as well as our physical stuff. Either way, it’s important that we don’t just declutter once, but that we make decluttering a regular habit.

Why not create some simple but effective strategies to stay clutter-free? These could include re-setting your home at the end of the day, keeping your flat surfaces free of stuff and, of course, doing a little bit of decluttering every day – even if it’s just putting the rubbish and recycling out.

Below you’ll find a list of 30 things to declutter in November so you can pick one item off the list each day throughout the month of November. Not too big or complicated, just little steps to help you become (and stay) clutter-free!

30 things to declutter in November to simplify your life


Here are 30 things to declutter in November to simplify your home and life.

  1. Old greetings cards
  2. Kitchen utensils you never use
  3. The kids’ bedroom(s) – here are some tips to help kids and teenagers declutter and manage their own spaces
  4. Halloween costumes that no longer fit
  5. Spare buttons from clothes you no longer own
  6. Concert or theatre programmes that you bought at the time but never looked at since
  7. Your plans for Christmas – including traditions that feel more a duty than a treasured memory, plans to buy too much and risk you going over your spending budget
  8. Your kids’ school bags and the stuff that’s stuffed right at the bottom since the beginning of term
  9. Things you used to collect but are now sitting in a box out of sight and out of mind
  10. Valuable items you’ve been meaning to sell but haven’t
  11. Your fridge and freezer – to create space for Christmas food and drink
  12. The spare room – is it used as a guest bedroom or can it be repurposed into a home study, den for the kids, a quiet space for meditation or reading?
  13. Plates and mugs with cracks and chips
  14. Halloween decorations that you don’t love to look at
  15. Excess saucepans and lids
  16. Roasting pans and trays that are rusty or damaged
  17. That one thing on your To Do list that you never get around to doing (or you keep putting off)
  18. The playroom – here are some tips on how to declutter toys. I find it’s always helpful to declutter toys before Christmas comes around because kids usually get a few more toys given to them at Christmas. Donating old toys that your kids don’t play with might mean that another child and family could benefit from them instead.
  19. The corner or area of your home that’s never looked quite right and you want to change the décor or switch around the furniture
  20. Window sills – a flat surface which is a clutter hotspot!
  21. Excess Halloween sweets you’re never going to eat (or shouldn’t eat!)
  22. Flower vases you don’t like to look at or don’t support your cut flowers properly
  23. Your partner’s shoes but only if they agree – if your partner isn’t on board with decluttering, don’t try this one. Only declutter their stuff if they’re happy for you to do so or have asked for your help!
  24. Your kids’ shoes that don’t fit or they don’t like to wear – check for seasonal boots and wellies that your kids might have outgrown or will do so soon. Can you recycle or donate the old ones?
  25. Invites, engagements and activities in your schedule that you don’t enjoy and don’t want to do – make an intentional decision to be less busy and create down time in your schedule as often as you need.
  26. Blunt razors that need replacing because they don’t work well anymore
  27. Your recycle bin on your computer which you can empty at the click of a button!
  28. Fittings for the vacuum cleaner that you never use or don’t know how to use
  29. All the TVs (try it for a month!)
  30. Glasses with chips and cracks
30 things to declutter in November to simplify your life


Here are some useful links and resources to help you declutter your home this November.

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  • Why Autumn is a Good Time To Declutter – Decluttering has many benefits but it’s especially helpful when we reach a busy season. In this article I share some great reasons why Autumn is a good time to declutter and how this can positively impact our homes, schedule, self and life in general.
  • Simplify Your Home – A guide and workbook to help you declutter your home, room-by-room. With checklists, further reading and lots of actionable steps and prompts to help you understand WHAT clutters your home, WHY it’s there and WHAT to do about it.


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I hope you enjoyed this list of things to declutter in November. There’s an item for each day of the month. If you’d like to carry on decluttering your home, your time and your life, check out my FREE Declutter Starter Kit. It’s packed full of helpful decluttering tips, projects and advice to get you started.


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