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30 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

30 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Try these 30 journal prompts for self-discovery. They’ll help motivate and encourage you to really think about your personal development, self-growth, self-care, motivation, time management and more. You’ll be able to learn more about yourself and what you want from life.


Journaling is a helpful way of reconnecting you with yourself. Much of your time and your days is probably spent focusing outwards, on your work, your family, your responsibilities.

We forget, don’t have time or don’t prioritise reconnecting with ourselves. This reconnection isn’t a luxury, it’s about checking in with yourself.

  • How are you thinking, acting, decision-making?
  • What kind of mindset are you in and how is this shaping what you do and don’t do in life?
  • Are you honouring yourself to do things that make you happy and fulfilled?
  • Do you have goals, aspirations and dreams?
  • Are your days filled with people, places and activities that support you to be the best version of you and lead a meaningful life full of what matters?
  • Or are you chasing your tail and being blown off course by the stormy winds of life?!

Journaling can help you answer these questions and what’s more, you can use your answers and the thoughts that come up to carve out time, space and freedom for what you want and need.

“Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.”

Robin Sharma

Journaling is about reconnection with yourself but it’s also about getting clear on your priorities and coming up with an action plan to realise them.

If you’re new to journaling, try these journaling tips for beginners to get you started.


There are 30 journal prompts for self-discovery in this list so you could take one each day for a month and see how you get on.

Set aside a few minutes each day when your mind is calm and clear, without distractions, to really think about your responses.

I’ve crafted the prompts so you should be able to come up with some really practical, constructive and actionable responses.

There’s a mixture of prompts on different topics, including self-care, personal development, time management and productivity so that you can go on a journey of self-discovery to simplify your life in the areas that need it most! I really hope you enjoy them!


Try these 30 journal prompts for self-discovery. Choose one a day for the next month and use your answers to work out what you want from life and how to get it.

  1. What would you like to change about your life and why?
  2. What three things would you like to try and why?
  3. What three things would you like to improve upon in your life and why?
  4. What one thing would you like to say no to and how can you make this happen?
  5. Name one thing you’d like to succeed at and how can you achieve this?
  6. Name one thing you wish you’d done and why you didn’t do it
  7. List five things you’re really grateful for and how can you prioritise them in your daily life? Read more about creating a regular gratitude practice to improve your life.
  8. Name two things you’re really happy with
  9. Name one thing you’d like to happen and how you can make it happen
  10. List three things you’d like to simplify and how you’re going to start doing this today. Here are 20 ways to simplify your life if you’d like some ideas!
  11. List three things you’d like to organise and how you’re going to start doing this today
  12. Tomorrow you’d like to make time for…
  13. Name one thing you wish you’d said yes to and what difference it would have made
  14. What one thing, experience or piece of knowledge do you wish you’d known earlier and what difference would it have made?
  15. Name three things you’d like to know more about and how you’re going to make this happen
  16. What one thing do you wish you hadn’t given up doing?
  17. What one thing do you wish you could do again and can you make that happen?
  18. Name three things you’re really looking forward to
  19. Name three things you could really do without and try it
  20. List three things you could imagine yourself doing and how can you give them a go?
  21. What one thing hadn’t you fully appreciated until you started thinking about it now? Why?
  22. Name three things you love about yourself. Found it difficult? Try these positive daily affirmations to retrain your brain.
  23. Name three things you would like to love about yourself
  24. List three things you dream of
  25. List three things you aspire to be and how you can become them
  26. What three things do you get out of bed for in the mornings even when you don’t feel like it? Read these ideas about how to stop living for the weekend and enjoy your week more.
  27. Name one thing you wish you could take back if you could and what difference would it make?
  28. List three things you would encourage your kids to do or say
  29. Name five things you would like people to describe you as
  30. List three things you’re going to discover or try tomorrow and how will you make this happen?
Journal prompts for self-discovery


Here are some more journaling resources and prompts to help you reconnect with yourself.


I’d love to know whether you enjoy journaling. Do you have a regular journaling practice and, if so, how do you keep it up and what has it helped you discover and learn? Would you recommend journaling to others looking to find simplicity and direction in life? Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear from you!


If you enjoyed these prompts then you might like to explore some more with this free printable download. I’ve created some journal prompts for self-care and self-love to help you learn more about yourself and what makes you happy and fulfilled.

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