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30 Journal Prompts to Inspire Simplicity in Your Life

30 Journal Prompts to Inspire Simplicity in Your Life

Is your life feeling busy and cluttered? Here are 30 journal prompts to inspire simplicity in your life. Explore all the different ways that you can simplify different aspects of your life and discover exactly what simplifying life could mean for you.


I love journaling as a way of connecting with my thoughts and feelings. When we’re feeling busy, stressed out, or just in a haze of jumbled emotions, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what we’re thinking, let alone how it’s making us feel.

Journaling is a way that I come back to myself and hone in on what’s making me feel like I do. It’s because of this that I often use journaling as part of my regular self-care routine to regularly declutter my mind and look after my mental health.


There are some wonderful benefits to journaling. Creating a regular journaling practice has been shown to reduce anxiety, regulate emotions, improve our mood and increase our positivity and confidence. Journaling even promotes physical benefits such as reducing blood pressure and improving liver function.

Journaling also helps us get unstuck. So, if you’re looking to make change because life feels cluttered and chaotic, journaling might be a useful tool in your toolbox!

“It can promote acceptance, and mindful acceptance in particular, which is a valuable and effective way of getting unstuck, freeing ourselves to move forward.”

(Forsyth & Eifert, 2016)


We can find simplicity in so many ways, not just through decluttering our stuff – although this is certainly a great way to simplify your space.

Simplicity gives us breathing space in our home, heart, schedule and mind. Flexibility and wiggle room to deal with the ups and downs and last-minute challenges of life. It creates a clutter-free, calmer home that’s easier to look after and less things to do weighing us down and taking up our time.

30 journal prompts to inspire simplicity


In this article I wanted to combine the benefits of journaling with the benefits of simplicity! You can use these 30 journal prompts to inspire simplicity in your life. Explore some different ways to simplify various aspects of your life and discover exactly what simplifying life could mean for you.

  • What could it help you to do that you can’t do now?
  • How could it give you time, space and freedom for things that you don’t have at the moment?
  • In what way does your life feel messy or complicated?
  • How is this affecting your physical and mental health or even your motivation or zest for life?


Journaling is a powerful tool to help you reflect, reset and focus on what truly matters. Here are 30 journal prompts designed to inspire simplicity in your life. Take your time with each prompt, letting your thoughts flow freely and honestly. There are links you can click if you’d like to explore a topic in more detail.

1. What does simplicity mean to me? Reflect on your personal definition of simplicity. How does it show up in your daily life?

2. Where do I feel the most overwhelmed? Identify areas in your life where you feel the most cluttered or stressed. How can you simplify these areas?

3. What are my top three priorities? List your top three life priorities. How can you align your daily activities to reflect these priorities?

4. How can I simplify my morning routine? Consider ways to streamline your morning routine. What changes can you make to start your day with less stress?

5. What possessions do I truly value? Think about the items in your home that bring you joy, appreciation and/or serve a purpose. What can you let go of that doesn’t do any of these things?

6. How do I spend my free time? Think about how you currently spend your free time. Are there activities you could eliminate or reduce to create more time and space for what you love?

7. What habits are holding me back? Identify habits that contribute to a cluttered or complicated life. What steps can you take to change these habits?

8. How can I simplify my finances? Reflect on your financial situation. Are there subscriptions, memberships, or expenses that you can cut to simplify your budget?

9. What relationships drain my energy? Consider the relationships in your life. Are there any that feel toxic or draining? How can you set boundaries or distance yourself to create more emotional space?

10. How can I reduce digital clutter? Look at your digital life. Are there emails, apps, or files you can delete or organise? How can you reduce screen time to focus on more meaningful activities?

11. What’s one area of my home I can declutter today? Pick a specific area in your home that needs attention. What steps can you take to declutter it today?

12. How can I practice gratitude daily? Think about ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily routine. How can this practice help you focus on the positive and simplify your mindset?

13. What does a simple life look like to me? Visualise your ideal simple life. What does it include? What is noticeably absent?

14. How can I simplify my meal planning? Reflect on your current meal planning and grocery shopping habits. Are there ways to make them more efficient and less stressful and make cooking dinner more enjoyable?

15. What commitments can I let go of? Consider your current commitments and obligations. Are there any you can let go of to free up more time and energy?

30 journal prompts to inspire simplicity

16. How can I create a simpler work environment? Think about your workspace. What changes can you make to create a more organised and focused work environment for better productivity?

17. What self-care practices can I prioritise? Identify self-care practices that help you feel centred and balanced. How can you make these a priority in your life?

18. How can I spend more time in nature? Reflect on the role nature plays in your life. How can you spend more time outdoors to simplify your mind and rejuvenate your spirit?

19. What books or resources can I let go of? Look at your collection of books, magazines, or resources. Are there any you can donate or recycle to reduce physical clutter?

20. How can I simplify my social media use? Examine your social media habits. Are there platforms or accounts that add stress or negativity to your life?

21. What are my core values? Identify your core values. How can you ensure your lifestyle aligns with these values to create a simpler, more intentional life?

22. How can I simplify my wardrobe? Consider your clothing and accessories. Are there items you rarely wear that you can donate or sell? How can you create a capsule wardrobe?

23. What family traditions or routines can I simplify? Think about your family traditions or personal routines. Are there any that feel more burdensome than joyful? How can you simplify them?

24. How can I make my evenings more relaxing? Reflect on your evening routine. What changes can you make to create a more peaceful and restful end to your day?

25. What small changes can I make to live more sustainably? Consider how you can reduce waste and live more sustainably. What simple changes can you implement in your daily life?

26. How can I improve my sleep environment? Look at your bedroom. Are there changes you can make to create a more restful and clutter-free sleep environment?

27. What activities bring me true joy? Identify activities that genuinely make you happy. How can you make more time for these activities and less for those that don’t bring you joy?

28. How can I declutter my mind? Think about mental clutter. Are there thoughts or worries you can let go of? How can mindfulness or meditation help you clear mental clutter?

29. What can I do to be more present? Reflect on your daily interactions and activities. How can you be more present and engaged in the moment?

30. How can I create a culture of simplicity in my home? Consider how you can encourage simplicity within your household. What habits or practices can you adopt to create a simpler, more intentional and enjoyable living environment for everyone?

30 journal prompts to inspire simplicity


If you’re new to journaling, here are some tips to help you journal more effectively:

  1. Don’t worry about perfection: You can if you want, but it’s more important to focus on your thoughts becoming words on paper than getting an A+ for your handwriting, grammar and punctuation.
  2. Don’t worry about what it looks like: You can write in long sentences and paragraphs, single words, bullet points or even just a list or mind map. You can use stickers, pretty journals, coloured pens or just a plain notebook and pen. Choose whatever helps you enjoy the process of writing.
  3. Make it a regular practice: Journaling is most effective when it becomes part of a regular routine because each time we journal, we dive a little deeper into our thoughts. Think of it a bit like laundry. The longer you leave it, the bigger the laundry pile to deal with. The longer you leave between journaling, the more mental clutter to sift through!
  4. Check out these journaling resources: You can find more prompts and tips in this collection of journaling ideas.
30 journal prompts to inspire simplicity


Simplifying your life isn’t about drastic changes or extreme measures. It’s about making a series of thoughtful, intentional choices that bring you closer to a sense of peace and fulfilment.

I hope these journal prompts help you reflect on what’s truly important and inspire you to make small, meaningful changes. Take your time with each prompt, and remember that simplicity is a journey, not a destination. Happy journaling!