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I’ve always encouraged my kids to help do chores around the house. As long as the chores are age-appropriate, I feel that it will help my kids, both now and in the future, and the rest of the family certainly benefits too. Check out this post to learn more about kids and chores and why and how to encourage kids to help at home. I’ve also included some ideas for chores that your kids could do at different ages to help you all get started!

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Do you remember when you first met your partner and you were starry-eyed with passion and love? Fast forward to now when you have a family, job and 1001 commitments. Quality time together for you and your partner seems few and far between. Here are some tips on how to keep the passion alive in your relationship when you have kids.

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My children love creating artwork, anything from drawings and paintings to junk modelling with cardboard boxes and endless Lego constructions. I love them all and would like to keep everything but it’s not realistic. Check out this article so you can read my ideas on what to do when you’re buried under your children’s artwork…

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Busy, modern life often means we’re moving so fast just to keep up. We don’t have time to stop and think about what we truly want from life and how are our decisions now might be shaping our future direction. In this article I’m sharing 5 decisions that inspired my intentional life and my vision for a simpler life.

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