The one essential difference between Minimalism and decluttering

Difference between minimalism and decluttering

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between Minimalism and decluttering? Why do the two often go hand-in-hand? Can you have one without the other and which comes first? Can you declutter if you’re not a Minimalist and can you adopt Minimalism if you don’t declutter? Check out my post on the one essential difference between Minimalism and decluttering so you can get the most out of both!

What is decluttering?

Decluttering is a really popular way of getting rid of your unwanted and unnecessary stuff. You can declutter your home so that it’s simpler and easier to look after and there’s less clutter in it generally. You only keep what you love, use and adds value.

Decluttering is a tool or an action.

It allows you to clear away anything that’s not important in your life. Yes, you can declutter not just your home, but your calendar, your finances, your computer, your food, your mind and so on. In fact, you can declutter just about anything.

So then, where does Minimalism come into it?

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is an approach where you continuously make deliberate, purposeful and intentional decisions about what’s important to you and what’s not. You only keep and let in to your life, and your home, what you consider to be important and valuable enough to have a place.

Minimalism is the general paradigm for your life. It is a lifestyle choice that impacts every decision and action you take.

The one essential difference between Minimalism and decluttering

Decluttering is just one tool or action to help you live a Minimalist lifestyle.

Decluttering is just one tool or action to help you live a Minimalist lifestyle. This is the key to understanding the difference between Minimalism and decluttering.

It’s a subtle but vital difference which you might understand more if you consider this thought…

It’s possible to declutter without being a Minimalist


It’s not possible to be a Minimalist without decluttering.


Decluttering as a first step to Minimalism

Decluttering is a vital first step to becoming minimalist and the easiest way of seeing the greatest impact in a short space of time. If you’re thinking of becoming Minimalist, then decluttering is a great first step to taking action.

Think like a Minimalist

If you’re looking to become more Minimalist, then one key thing that will help you understand and stick to the lifestyle, is to start to think like a Minimalist. Check out my other post on how to think like a Minimalist to help you do just that!


A great place to start is with my completely FREE 1-week declutter challenge. This email challenge will take you through decluttering four main areas/rooms in your home where you’ll see the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. It’s a great way to kick-start decluttering if you need help or motivation to get going!

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