12 Gifts to Give Yourself

12 gifts to give yourself at Christmas and throughout the year

Put yourself first every now and then with these 12 gifts to give yourself throughout the year! Self-care and organisation tips to help make life a little easier for you.

20 Ways to Look After Yourself

20 ways to look after yourself

If you’re struggling to find time for yourself or busy life is over-stretching you, here are 20 ways to look after yourself. Simple little self-care tips and suggestions to make life easier and keep you on track when life is pulling you off!

Simple Tips for Healthy Eating

Simple tips for healthy eating

Check out this post on simple tips for healthy eating. Easy, sustainable and realistic ideas on how to encourage yourself and your family to eat healthily every day.

How to Feel Less Overwhelmed When Life Gets Busy

How to feel less overwhelmed when life gets busy

Life comes in seasons and some seasons are definitely busier than others. Whether it’s dealing with big life change or just a schedule that’s filling up gradually without you noticing it, it’s natural to feel stressed and tired when you’re trying to juggle it all. Check out this post for tips on how to feel less overwhelmed when life gets busy.

Simplify Your Self-Care: A Free Little Challenge

Simplify your self care - a free little challenge

If you’re struggling to take care of yourself or just need a lift and some self-love, check out my free little challenge to simplify your self-care. 5 simple challenges to help you think differently about looking after yourself and making self-care a consistent, effective part of your daily routine.

20 Simple Things To Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

20 simple things to do when you're having a bad day

We all have days when things don’t seem to go right or we’re not feeling very happy or positive. Here are some quick tips to help you feel a little better and 20 simple things to do when you’re having a bad day.

Journal prompts for self-care

Journal prompts for self-care

If you like to journal and get your thoughts down on paper then try these journal prompts for self-care. Identify what makes you feel good and find ways to include these things into your daily life!

How to Protect Your Mental Health When Life Feels Tough

How to protect your mental health when life feels tough

Life presents challenges and we need to be strong and resilient in both body and mind to deal with them effectively. Here are some tips to help you look after yourself and protect your mental health when life feels tough.

How Do You Talk to Yourself: The Story We Tell Ourselves

How do you talk to yourself

The words we use are important. We think carefully about how we speak to our loved ones, but we seldom think about how we talk to ourselves. This post is a reminder that kind words matter, especially the words that we speak over ourselves. How do you talk to yourself and why does it matter for your own self-care and self-love.

Why You Should Slow Down Sometimes

Why you should slow down sometimes

Much of life requires us to take action but there are times when it’s better to press pause and just stop to think. A simpler life gives us space to do this and in this post I share why you should slow down sometimes.