15 ways to make life easier and simpler

15 ways to make life easier and simpler
15 ways to make life easier and simpler

Life can be complicated enough and it’s easy to get overloaded and overwhelmed. However, with some careful planning and a bit of thought, we can make it so much easier on ourselves. 

I can’t take away the challenges of life completely for you, but I can help you make some things a little bit simpler and less stressful. Check out this post on 15 ways to make life easier and simpler.

#1 Get your finances in order

Keep on top of what you’re spending each month and avoid the build-up of stacks of paper and forgotten bills to pay. Create a monthly budget, put money aside for savings, make a plan to get rid of any debt and choose to spend money on experiences rather than on material items whenever you can.

Simplify your finances

#2 Get rid of the clutter at home

If you’ve got stuff lying around the house that you don’t need, use or even like very much, then spend some time decluttering.

There’ll be less to clean and less to tidy, so you can spend your time doing other things without worrying about the state of the house and keeping up with the housework. Check out my post on 20 ways to declutter your home if you need help!

#3 Don’t put things off

If you have a problem, deal with it. If you’ve got something to do, take action. If you’re stuck and don’t know where to start, just pick a place and dive in. If you have a dilemma, list the pros and cons and just pick a solution.

Procrastination is so bad for you! It stops us in our tracks as we just get caught up on the issue and never take action or resolve it. Be a do-er and an action-taker rather than a procrastinator!

#4 Be intentional with your time

Look closely at your calendar and remove any activities or commitments that no longer serve you, add value to your life, your family has grown out of and/or that you no longer enjoy. Keep some free time each day to relax and just go with the flow.

Think about other ways you could use your time. Could you get up earlier and use this hour or so before your kids wake up to get some things done that you can’t do during the rest of the day? Or what about spending 20 minutes in the evening preparing the school bags and lunches for tomorrow, so you don’t have to do them in the morning? Use your time wisely.

Check out my post on how to simplify your calendar if you’d like to know more.

#5 Simplify your priorities

Have you thought about what your priorities might be? A new car or a bigger house? Or would it be making your kids laugh or watching them ride a bike without help for the first time?

Simplify your priorities and appreciate the intrinsic value of the simpler things in life.

#6 Plan and prepare

Planning and preparing for what’s ahead will help ensure you don’t forget things, you know what needs to be done, and when, and you can foresee and avoid any problems before they come up.

Check your calendar weekly (and preferably daily) so you know what’s happening. Keep a visual To Do list on paper or on your phone so you know what you need to do, what your priorities are for the day and you don’t have to worry about remembering it all (and forgetting some of it).

#7 Get organised

Get systems and procedures in place so you’re generally more organised, efficient and productive.

This can include regular weekly meal-planning and food shopping, and things to help you be more organised at home such as filing systems for paperwork and spreadsheets to track your spending. Find a proper ‘home’ for everything from hats and gloves to credit card statements and passports so you can find everything quickly and easily.

#8 Be specific about goal-setting

Do you ever set goals for yourself and then wonder why you never achieve them? Or do you flounder through life, buffeted by outside forces and not really knowing where you’d like to be in 5 or 10 years’ time?

Simplify the process and achieve things in life that you really want without getting side-tracked by the unimportant. Check out my post on how to set goals and achieve them for more help with this!

Make life easier by being specific about your goals

#9 Develop routines for you and your home

Get some regular routines in place and stick to them and your home will function as you need it to. You won’t run out of clean clothes, food in the fridge or need a 24-hour deep cleaning session just to get on top of housework. A little bit done often is much easier on your time and energy!

Check out my post on how to set up routines at home for more information and a toolkit to help you get started.

#10 Declutter your wardrobe

Do you have loads of clothes in your wardrobe but still can’t find anything to wear in the morning? Simplify your wardrobe by removing anything that doesn’t fit, you don’t wear or is damaged. You’ll be left with clothes that you love and a few less items to sift through. Deciding what to wear in the morning will be so much quicker and easier!

#11 Make peace with yourself

Accept yourself for who you are and what you have. Stop trying or wishing to be somebody different. Spend time improving your own life rather than being envious of others and you’ll find your life will be much easier!

#12 Look after yourself

It doesn’t matter whether you can snatch just 5 minutes or 5 hours. Take some time each day to do something for yourself (a bath, read a chapter of a book, bake a cake and so on). Recharge your batteries with self care and life will feel a bit easier even if it’s not! 

Make life easier by looking after yourself

#13 Protect your time and energy

Avoid wasting your time and energy on things that don’t add value or aren’t important. Stop saying yes to things you really don’t want to do. Don’t spend time doing something when you’d rather be doing something else with it Don’t let one-sided relationships and friendships take your energy. Find ways to be more efficient to do the things you have to do. These are just a few examples, I’m sure you can think of others!

Life is complicated enough. Make changes in your life where you can so you have more time and energy to deal with the things you can’t control.

#14 Identify the biggest cause of your stress

Is there one thing in your life that causes you a lot of stress, upset or overwhelm? I know you might say kids but try to pick just one thing that you can do something about! Maybe it’s body confidence and you’d like to lose weight? Not enough time for yourself or time in general? A friendship that’s a bit one-sided? A job that’s going nowhere or isn’t flexible enough for your family life?

Choose just one thing that’s getting you down and aim to make a plan to deal with it this week. Next week, pick another or build on the one from the week before.

How to set up a morning routine and get up before the sun
#15 Go for a walk outside

This may seem a strange way of making your life easier, but I think it’s one of the simplest and has so many benefits.

You’re having some exercise, feeling the calmness of nature and getting the benefits of natural daylight. You’re seeing the outside world (rather than the four walls of your home) and it costs nothing. It reminds you of what’s important and that simpler usually means easier!


I hope these 15 ways to make your life easier really help you. They might not all be right for you just now. But, if you can take on board at least a few suggestions then some aspects of your life will definitely seem a bit easier.

If you can’t manage all at the same time, pick one or two that appeal to you most and work on these for a week.

Try another two during the next week and so on. They’re just small changes that can have a bit impact on making things a little bit easier, no matter what life throws at you!

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15 Ways To Make Life Easier And Simpler

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