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What is Personal Growth and Why You Need It

What is Personal Growth and Why You Need It


In this article we look at what is personal growth, why you need it and we discover how simplicity makes space for learning and self-development. Join the free 30-day Personal Growth Challenge to explore your own mindset, values and habits and how these support you for a meaningful life.


One of the most popular challenges on Balance Through Simplicity is the 30-day Personal Growth Challenge.

This is a totally free challenge with daily journal prompts to help you identify your goals, plan your priorities, set direction and live a life of purpose.

Sometimes I get asked why I created a challenge on self-growth and personal development when my website is mainly about simplifying and decluttering your home and life.

Well, the honest answer is that I don’t just want to write about decluttering and getting rid of things, because to my mind, simplicity is not just about getting rid of things.

Simplicity is about having a rewarding life, full of stuff that brings you peace, happiness and fulfilment, just with less clutter and stuff that pulls you down.

Life brings with it many things that weigh heavy on our hearts and minds, but I do believe we’re all here to make a difference, have a positive impact and leave the world a better place.

Personal growth is the key to being able to do that in a meaningful and constructive way.

What is personal growth and why you need it


Personal growth, or personal development, is about continually exploring our mindset, habits, beliefs, attitudes and goals as part of ongoing self-improvement.

It’s how we develop new skills, cultivate a positive outlook, set goals for ourselves and reach our full potential.

Learning more about ourselves, developing our experience and knowledge to benefit us and those around us, is how we go about changing the world or even just our own small space in the world.

This, of course, is not just when we’re young and starting out. There is scope to learn more about ourselves at every age. After all, the person you are at 20 is unlikely to be the same person you will be at 80. Life changes us, we change and so we always have something new to learn and contribute!

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”

Eric Butterworth

And really, it’s the way we get the most out of life – being productive, getting things done, overcoming challenges, knowing what we want and going for it and living the fullest and happiest life we can. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves by achieving things we previously thought we couldn’t or wouldn’t!

Personal growth is key to helping us understand what motivates and drives us, what distracts or de-motivates us. We learn about ourselves so that we know why we do what we do, and how to make choices that serve and support us best.


Simplifying life makes it easier to get the things done that we need to, so we have more time to focus on our goals, dreams, self-care, family, health, relationships, mindset and everything else that makes you, you (and which usually drop to the bottom of the pile during a busy day in a busy life).

Simplicity gives you space to grow and make a difference to your own life and that of those around you.

I created the 30-Day Personal Growth Challenge to encourage you to think about different areas of your life.

  • What holds you back? Why? How can you overcome these?
  • What do you enjoy? Why? How can you do more of these things?
  • What skills, resources and knowledge do you have or can you acquire to enhance your life?
  • How can you create more time and space for the things that matter?
  • Can you define exactly what does matter to you?

Simplicity underpins the challenge because sometimes trying new things or pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone is difficult.

  • We need less on our plate and more time on our hands
  • We need less to remember and more to dream about
  • We need less of the distraction and more of the action

Some of the days require you to clear the clutter, others require you to tweak your daily habits and routines, others ask you to think about what you enjoy and what you don’t (this is just as important).

There are no right or wrong answers and how much you get out of the challenge has a lot to do with how much you put into it.

However, it’s a little starting point to learning more about what you want out of life and clearing the way to take your first steps.

If you’d like to try the challenge for yourself, it’s completely free. Just pop your details in the box below to get started…