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Balance Through Simplicity

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Balance Through Simplicity is a blog dedicated to helping you declutter your home, simplify life and live intentionally. Practical tips and easy-to-follow guidance to create a meaningful life you love.

Hello and welcome! I’m Antonia, a full-time working parent and reformed workaholic turned passionate advocate of simple and intentional living.

A few years ago, I was worn out and worn down. I was juggling a career with a young family, running on overdrive, fuelled by coffee and hindered by insomnia.

I’d had enough of struggling through each day but decluttering and simplifying my home, time and life changed everything…


If you’re looking to make changes of your own, find direction, ease the pressure and stress of modern, busy life or you’re fed up of struggling from one day to the next, then maybe I can help?

You might like to learn about decluttering your home, being productive (not just busy!), self-care, intentional living and other ways to simplify your life by choosing more life, just with less stuff.

You could find your way around by starting here, getting to know more about me, browse the blog, explore my courses and workbooks or try one of my free resources.

No matter where you’re at and where you’d like to go, if you feel like you’re always doing and chasing, I hope I can help you find a better balance through simplicity!