15 easy ways to make yourself feel better

Mums have the most important job in the world but it can also be one of the hardest. If you’re stuck in a rut, feeling run down or just fed up with being at everyone else’s beck and call, then read these 15 easy ways to make yourself feel better. None of them need a lot of time or money so they’re easy to do even on the busiest of days.

As a Mum we get pulled in so many different directions and it’s easy to forget about yourself.

How many times have you had to re-heat your coffee, not washed your hair because you ran out of time or said no to an evening out with friends because you’re so worn out from the day?

It’s so important to look after yourself otherwise you can’t carry on looking after everyone else.

It’s not selfish to be kind to yourself once in a while. I’ve written a whole blog post on why Mums shouldn’t feel selfish for looking after themselves which you can read here.

So get yourself back on track and feeling good! You deserve to feel great (check out my blog post on four reasons why Mums should feel great over here).

15 Easy Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better

15 easy ways to make yourself feel better
  1. Run a hot bath, add bubbles, light a candle – relax ‘n’ soak
  2. Put in your ear phones and take a walk outside – listen to music, a podcast, whatever inspires and makes you feel happy
  3. Sit the kids in front of a film with some snacks and use that time to knock out some chores or do something for yourself. Don’t feel guilty, you deserve it and you’ll be a more patient and refreshed mum afterwards!
  4. Buy a facemask, hair conditioning treatment, new manicure/pedicure set and pamper yourself with a home spa treatment
  5. Clear all the surfaces in your home of clutter and stuff that doesn’t belong there. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes and see what you can achieve. It won’t change the world but will instantly make your home feel more manageable
  6. Get up half an hour earlier and spend some quiet time with just yourself for company. Enjoy the silence and set yourself up for the day. I’ve written a blog post on how setting up a morning routine saved my sanity! You can read it over here.
  7. Follow a You Tube video on whatever subject takes your fancy
  8. Download the Calm app onto your iphone and spend some time meditating and practicing mindfulness
  9. Plan and shop for a meal that you enjoy cooking and eating. Be as indulgent or healthy as you like, but it has to be totally your choice
  10. Call a friend who you love and makes you feel good
  11. Watch a film of your choice – grab some snacks and drinks, but plan it so that you avoid all interruptions
  12. Turn up the music – sing and dance for all your worth!
  13. Read a chapter of a book or magazine – fact or fiction, enjoy being absorbed and expanding your mind
  14. Go through your wardrobe – throw or donate the clothes that don’t fit, are worn out or damaged and that you don’t love. Write a shopping list for your next shopping trip. Check out my blog post here on how to declutter your wardrobe and love your clothes.
  15. Go for a drive – kids can come too. Turn up the music and enjoy your travels!
Want to see what else I’ve got to help you?!

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15 ways to make yourself feel better

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