5 Little Things To Do Each Day to Make Life Easier

5 little things to do each day to make life easier

In this post I’m sharing 5 little things to do each day to make life easier. They’re simple routines that I’ve found help me keep on top of my home and my life but which don’t take up much time or energy. They just keep things ticking along without me really thinking about it.


Sometimes the kids are poorly, I’m feeling ‘off’, work deadlines mean I have to work long hours, or time just seems to run away with me. I think we all have days like this despite our best efforts to keep on top of things! That’s where these 5 little things come into their own.

I know that as long as I do these 5 little things then I can rest easy. I don’t stress about having a bad day, desperately trying to juggle all the balls without dropping one or worry about not achieving all the things I set out to.

Maybe they could help you too?

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” (John Wooden)


These are my top 5 suggestions for things to do each day to make life easier. Try them out for size yourself and see how they work. Give them time to work, to become habits that you do almost without thinking and which enable you to get on with other things!

1. Do a quick clean and tidy up

Keep on top of simple household tasks such as the laundry, washing and putting the dishes away after mealtimes, making my bed every morning and putting the house to bed at night. They only take a few minutes but they also stop the grime and clutter from building up. Click here to read more about quick ways to keep your own home clean and tidy.

2. Identify my priorities for the day

Every morning I grab a notebook and pen and write down my 3 most important tasks for the day, crossing them off when they’re done. Any more than about 3 can be unrealistic if I have a busy day. I try to get the most important, urgent or difficult one out of the way first. Click here to read more about creating a simple, effective To Do list.

3. Lay out clothes for tomorrow

Mornings are a rush for me with kids, school and work all pressing on my time. I lay out my clothes and my girls’ clothes the night before. All the decisions about what to wear and where to find it are made calmly in the evening instead of hurriedly in the morning. Click here to read more about how to declutter your wardrobe.

4. Stick with a calm evening routine

Some people just aren’t morning people so although I love my morning routine, I’ve chosen to focus on evenings here. Evenings lead to bedtime so, just as a calm, structured bedtime routine is better for kids, I think the same is true for adults.

Whatever time you go to bed, the last things you do during the day can help set the tone for the quality and quantity of your sleep. I love to read, write, listen to music, have a bath, and stay away from my phone and I admit, my guilty pleasure – watching TV in bed. Click here for more evening routine ideas.

5. Go with the flow but say no sometimes

I’m a bit of a control freak but over the years I’ve learnt to try not to worry about the things I can’t change or might not happen and focus more on the here and now. I know that what I think is a priority might not be a priority to someone else and fighting for things that I’d like to control or change only causes upset and conflict.

Finding ways to stress and worry less has been key to a happier me, but it’s also important to be ok with saying ‘no’ sometimes. You don’t have to accept every invitation, say yes to every request, take your kids to every activity or party. Lean into the things that serve you and lean out of the things that don’t. Click here to read more about saying no.

5 little things to do each day to make life easier

There are many other things that we can all do to make life easier, depending on our individual circumstances and responsibilities. You might have other things to add to this list which are more relevant to your own life or which you may find more helpful.

My hope is that you think about making small changes which, taken as a whole, can have big, beneficial impact in your every day.

You don’t need to throw all your stuff out or cross out everything in your diary. Little things count too…

Making your life easier is about identifying what’s important to you right now and finding ways to honour these and give them more of your time and energy with small, realistic tweaks.


Clearing clutter in your home, schedule, heart and mind is a useful tool to make life easier. Less stress, more time, more energy and less on your To Do list.

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