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This blog is the heart and soul of Balance Through Simplicity. I hope I can provide information, encouragement and inspiration to help you live a simpler, more intentional life.

I know you’re busy. So, to help you find what you’re looking for, I’ve split the blog into different categories. Check them out below to find what you need!


Here are my latest posts grouped together in one collection. If you’re a regular visitor to my site, you’ll know that I regularly add fresh content, usually once and sometimes twice a week. Pop here with a cup of coffee in hand to read what’s new!


Studies have shown that less clutter = less stress. These posts will help you declutter your home, your mind, your time and your calendar to remove the clutter and lessen your stress. Actionable challenges, decluttering projects, expert hacks and FAQs to make decluttering easy for you!


Looking after yourself isn’t selfish! Although you probably put yourself at the bottom of the priority list, YOU are important. These posts will help you prioritise yourself through self-care, health, mindset, personal growth, goal-setting, mental health, relationships, creating time for you or investing in yourself through self development.


Time is the one thing we never have enough of. If you’d like help carving more time out of your day for the things you WANT to do (rather than need to do), being more productive and managing the time you do have better, then these time management posts will help you do just that! We cover productivity, work-life balance, organisation, habits and routines, motivation and much more…


This collection of articles will help you balance work and home life. We explore productivity tips and time management plus ways to help you be more efficient at work and switch off when it’s time to come home!


This collection of articles about home management and organisation will help you streamline your home and make it quicker and easier to run. Hopefully this will leave you with more time and energy for getting on with the rest of your life.


Be intentional about what you let into your life and the direction it takes. An intentional life means that you make careful, deliberate decisions about what’s important and what’s not and you become more purposeful about everything that you do. Don’t be a bystander in your life! These blog posts will help you create a life that supports YOU by living intentionally.


Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on the important by removing the unimportant. It’s not about throwing away everything that you own or living with no furniture and bare white walls. These posts on living a minimalist lifestyle will help you shift your thinking, re-focus on what makes you happy, what you really need and let go of the rest.


If you’re looking to declutter your home, simplify your life and live more intentionally, then this collection of my most popular blog posts is a great place to start. Tips, projects, encouragement and inspiration to simplify your life by living with less plus a snapshot of what Balance Through Simplicity is all about.